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An Educational Activities Book

The airplane is carrying a special message across the sky. You may have heard the words on the banner before. Perhaps one of your parents or a teacher has said them to you. But what do they mean Lets find out Written by Julie Theisz 2003 The Positive Line 79930 Illustrated by Dave Garbot Item KCB379 1

The things you say and do affect others. Saying or doing something mean to others can make them feel bad. If you are nice to others, they will feel good about themselves...and about you. 2

ACTIVITY Look at the pictures below. They show someone saying or doing something that affects another person. Choose from the Word Box of Feelings to write how you think the other person feels in each picture. WORD BOX OF FEELINGS disappointed encouraged embarrassed grateful happy hopeful loved sad scared valued The boy feels . The lady feels . The boy feels . The girl feels . 3

Think about how you feel when others say or do things to you.This will help you understand the way you want to be treated. Color in the picture that has the words you would like to hear. 4

ACTIVITY Look at each picture below and read the story that goes along with it. Would you like to be treated that way Mark yes or no under each story, then explain why. 1. Your teacher asked you to do a math problem on the board. You made a mistake A classmate pointed it out and everyone laughed. 2. You just got eyeglasses so you can see better. The first day you wore them, one of your classmates admired how you looked. Would you like to be treated this way Would you like to be treated thi

If so, you are learning what it means to practice The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is a special name for the words, Treat others the way you want to be treated. Did you mark No under either story on page 5 6

What are some ways that you want to be treated In the Word Search below you will find some important ways to follow the GOLDEN RULE ACTIVITY In the Word Search puzzle, find and circle the words in the sentences below that have a line under them. Look down and across. Treat others FAIRLY. Be HONEST. Be KIND to others. Show RESPECT to others. Be RESPONSIBLE. WORD SEARCH 7

A great way to practice the Golden Rule is to TREAT OTHERS FAIRLY. You can do this by taking turns when you play games. When you treat people fairly, everyone will get a chance to play. ACTIVITY Katie, Michelle, A.J., and Ricardo will all get a turn to bat in todays game. Follow the lines to discover the order in which they will bat. Write the correct name on each line. 8

you are also following the Golden Rule. Being friendly and helpful are two ways to show kindness. When you choose to BE KIND TO OTHERS, ACTIVITY Today is Jacks first day at your school. He doesnt know anybody. Unscramble the mixed up word in each sentence to discover ways to be kind to Jack. 1. Say hello and tell Jack your . m n a e 2. Help Jack find his way to the room. u n l c h 3. Play with Jack during . e c e s r s Can you think of one more way to be kind to Jack

Its always nice to be treated with respect.To SHOW RESPECT TO OTHERS means being polite and considerate to them. One way to show respect is to look at a person who is talking to you. When you do that, the person knows you are listening. ACTIVITY Draw a circle around the student who is not showing respect to the teacher. Find and circle five other things wrong with this picture. 10

ACTIVITY Another way to show respect to others is by using good manners. Fill in the blanks in these sentences by choosing words from the Good Manners Word Box. This will show that you know when to use your manners 1. Say when you want something from someone. 2. Say when you burp or sneeze. 3. Say when someone is kind or when someone gives you something. 4. Say when someone offers you something you dont want. GOOD MANNERS WORD BOX excuse me please no thank you thank you 11

Doing what is expected of you is the way to BE RESPONSIBLE. When you are responsible, people learn to trust you. Being responsible is a good way to practice the Golden Rule. Mark Yes next to each way to be responsible. Mark No if it is not responsible. ACTIVITY YES NO Is this a way to be responsible 1. Brushing your teeth 2. Losing a library book 3. Making your bed 4. Forgetting to feed your pet 5. Leaving trash on the floor 6. Putting your toys away Write down another way that you show you a

is good to BE HONEST. Someone who is honest always tells the truth, even if it means admitting a mistake. To be honest also means not making up stories about people, or spreading gossip or rumors. No one likes to be told something that is not true.Thats why it ACTIVITY Finish what the girl is saying to learn a great way to end gossip. On the line above each letter, write the letter that comes before it in the alphabet.The first one has been done for you. Use the alphabet below for help. If s

Its good to always try to treat others the way you want to be treated. But no matter how hard you try, you might make a mistake. Heres what to do if your actions or words are unkind or hurtful 1. 2. 3. 4. Tell the person what you did that was wrong. Say how you would feel if someone did that same thing to you. Say you are sorry. Stop doing what you did wrong. 14

Here are three ways to make sure you follow the Golden Rule Think about what you are about to do or say. Think about how it will make the other person feel. Ask yourself, Would I want someone to treat me like that ACTIVITY Finish this important sentence by coloring every space that has a dot. People who follow the Golden Rule bring about... 15

I promise to treat other people the way I want to be treated. write your name here ANSWERS Page 7 Page 8 1. A.J., 2. Michelle, 3. Katie, 4. Ricardo Page 9 1. name, 2. lunch, 3. recess Page 10 Page 11 1. please, 2. excuse me, 3. thank you, 4. no thank you Page 12 1.Yes, 2. No, 3.Yes, 4. No, 5. No, 6.Yes Page 13 I dont want to hear that Page 15 16

NOTE TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS his Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated Educational Activities Book teaches students in grades K3 the basic principle of The Golden Rule, along with how to practice it. By reading the book and completing the activities, children will come to understand that the things they do and say affect other people.They will learn to put themselves in the other persons shoes and think about how they might feel if the same thing was said or done to them. Students will le

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