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Volume 1, Issue Volume 1, Issue 6 6 NovemberDecember 2010 SeptemberOctober 2010 Faith Formation Newsletter Diocese of Grand Rapids Highlight in this Issue Music for the Soul Concert for Families page 2 Envision Catechetical Conference 2010 Inside this issue New Pathways, New Partnerships 2 Family Marriage 3 Ministry Youth Young Adult Ministry 4 On September 25, we had our annual Catechetical Conference and it was the biggest ever, with over 500 in attendance. Thanks to all of you who cam

Envision Page 2 New Pathways, New Partnerships The diocesan initiative to support the inclusion of children and youth with disabilities in parish religious education programming.

Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 3 Family and Marriage Ministry First Annual Womens Conference in Review On Saturday, October 16, women from across the diocese gathered for the first Diocesan Conference for Women. The featured speaker was Dr. Patricia CooneyHathaway, a theologian from Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. The theme of the day was Seasons of Life, Seasons of Faith. Dr. Hathaway masterfully explored the challenges, opportunities and tasks that reflect the texture of our faith that accompanies

Envision Page 4 Youth and Young Adult Ministry Weaving the Future Together Calendar of Events November 2010 57 Retrouvaille Grand Rapids 6 St. Simon Youth Rally featuring Fr. Tony Ricard Ludington 13 Catholic Committee on Scouting Assembly of Delegates CSC 20 Convocatoria 2010 State Conference on Hispanic Youth Ministry CSC In October 2005, our diocese hosted the first Diocesan Encuentro for Youth and Young Adult Ministry to celebrate the gifts of Hispanic youth in our diocese. The dio

Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 5 Youth and Young Adult Ministry Planning for Effective Youth Ministry Calendar of Events continued The Office of Faith Formation is sponsoring the twoday seminar, Practices of Youth Ministry on December 45, 2010 for anyone who Veritas works with young people, or has an investVeritas is a weekend retreat, created by ment in the parishs youth ministry efforts. young adults in our diocese for young adults, Practices of Youth Ministry explores the de age 1827. The next ret

Envision Page 6 The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd The Environment of the Atrium Part I The Prayer Table The prayer table is a space where the children gather for individual and communal prayer. The banner and prayer cloth reflect the liturgical season. There are prayers and picture cards scripture verses and The method of the Catechesis of the small statues on the shelf that the children may choose to Good Shepherd requires a prepared personalize the prayer space. There are beautiful paper

Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 7 Catechist Certification Online Learning Opportunities Catholic Distance University Seminars 2011 Seminar No. 3020507 3020927 3020440 3020453 3020454 3020508 3020455 3020930 3021405 3022901 3020208 3020408 3020509 302 0708 Title The Church and the Modern World, Part I the Start of the 20th Century, 18781939 Matthew Bunson, M.Div. Content Forming Disciples for Community and Mission Applying the Tasks of Catechesis Brian Pizzalato, Ph.D. Candidate Catechist The Psalms Isr

Envision Page 8 Catholic Information Center On the Road A Ministry of the Paulist Fathers flect on learning and ethical sharing across cultural boundaries demonstrating how ongoing conversion of We encourage you to make use of the On the Road programs to supplement your parishs adult faith formation heart takes place when missionaries are open to the spiritual and cultural gifts of others. While intended for those ministry. A catalogue offering a taste of th

Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 9 Catholic Information Center A Ministry of the Paulist Fathers Historicidad al Adviento Miercoles, Diciembre 1, 700pm 830pm Presentado por William Cardona Como preparacin a la venida del Salvador en diciembre, realizaremos un recorrido histrico para comprender los orgenes, significado y vivencia del Adviento en la historia de la Iglesia . En las cuatro sesiones, daremos algunas recomendaciones pastorales con la Corona de Adviento , d

Envision Page 10 News From Parishes St. John Vianney, Wyoming Winter Institutes Prophets of the Old Testament Twopart Series Mondays, December 13 20, 630900 p.m. 2nd Floor Caring Place The word ,,prophet means spokesperson. A prophet in the Old Testament was a person who spoke for God, one who spoke the truth of God to the community of Israel. Prophets experienced life as any other Israelite did, but they always asked the question, How is God speaking to us in this or that event CFD 5.0 hours

Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 11 Resources Just5Days A Catholic service program created just for middle schoolers December 2 Win it All for Gods Kids Be More Passionate than a Football Coach featuring Justin Fatica, author of Win It All The Way to Heaven for Catholic Teens. Just5Days, a program of the Center for Ministry Development, is being hosted in St. Joseph, MI the weeks of June From the Ave Maria Professional Development Webinar Series webpage, you can also access recordings with 2024 and Jun

Envision Page 12 FAITH FORMATION Diocese of Grand Rapids 360 Division Avenue S Grand Rapids MI 495034501 Sr. Barbara Cline, FSE, director Faith Formation Phone 6165514742 Fax 6165514744 Email Mark Mann, director Family, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Phone 6164751243 Fax 6165515638 Email Jean Kastenholz, administrative assistant Offices of Worship and Faith Formation Phone 6162460588 Fax 6165515647 Email jkastenholzdioceseofgrandra

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