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See Page 16 See Page 13 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 12 NO. 12 27 KISLEV 5772 See Pages 3, 4 5 DECEMBER 23, 2011 FROM THE EDITOR INSIDE Dont Put On Weight Dr. Rachael Schindler Chabad Sheds Light On Five Towns BY LARRY GORDON 32 The Center For Anxiety Rochelle Maruch Miller 45, 54 On Our Bus Behavior David J. Seidemann, Esq. The Heroes Of The Land It is a land that was promised to be flowing with milk and honeyand, in some fashion, it does. As I reported two weeks ago, I plan to s

g wlin spra s mpu ca cres 3a specia lized presc hool p t lu dai nch ly s an por ds ts o na no ck ur ma ny cou rts ho rogra m sep arate playg round ims a 2 sw am azing specialties and awesome trips m fro on ati ort nsp tra late n i ght bb q mazdesign 718.471.6470 2 December 23, 2011 DONT MISS THE LOWEST PRICE FOR SUMMER 2012 REGISTER BEFORE JANUARY 2, 2012 RECEIVE 150 DISCOUNT Act Now Email us at located on the Maurice Lowinger Campus of Bnos Bais Yaakov Mrs

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P.O. BOX 690 LAWRENCE, NY 11559 5169840079 LARRY GORDON PublisherEditor ESTA J. GORDON Managing Editor YOSSI GORDON, YOCHANAN GORDON Sales Managers CHANA ROCHEL ROSS Editorial Assistant SIDI BARON DAVID FOX DOV GORDON YAKOV SERLE Sales Representatives SHMUEL GERBER Chief Copy Editor MICHELE JUSTIC Copy Editor CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Hannah Reich Berman, Anessa V. Cohen Rabbi Aryeh Z. Ginzberg, Yoni Glatt, Toby Klein Greenwald, Rabbi Yair Hoffman Ron Jager, Rabbi Mordech

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THE RULES HAVE CHANGED. As of October 1, 2011, a federal amendment to the electronic payment acceptance legislation has gone into effect. Card issuer fees have been regulated, affecting the costs on various transaction types. THIS MEANS U.S. MERCHANTS MAY NOW BE ELIGIBLE FOR REDUCTIONS IN THEIR PROCESSING FEES. 13 WE HAVENT. Although the bill does not mandate that processors pass on these savings, Fidelity will automatically qualify our merchants to benefit from this change. RESULTING REDUC

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover el The White Shul in Far Rockaway, Priority1 will be hosting an important event that features a panel discussion titled Make Your Child Shine. The evenings featured presenters will include Dr. David Pelcovitz speaking on Balancing Discipline and Love and Rabbi Cohen, who will speak on the subject Teaching Your Child to Love Yiddishkeit. Introductory remarks will be delivered by Rabbi Shay Schachter, rabbinic intern at the White Shul, and there will be a pan

LUACH December 23December 31 July 1July 9 ZIP Code 11516 27 Kislev 3rd day Chanukah Friday, December 23 Daf yomi Bechoros 39 Zmanim Earliest tallistefillin Sunrise Latest Shema M. Av. Gra Plag haminchah 4th Chanukah light Candle Lighting Shabbos 413 pm 858 am 934 am 334 pm 617 am 716 am CALENDAR 28 Kislev Shabbos Chanukah Saturday, December 24 Parashas Mikeitz Blessing of Chodesh Teves 4th day Chanukah Shabbos ends 523 pm 72 min. 5th Chanukah light 550 pm 30 Kislev 1 Teves MondayTuesday, D

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Page 14 bi Cohen says, Clearly there are far too many cases of deviancy in our community, and he adds that he is not surprised about the extent to which this ugly scourge has reared its head. Its not just classic sex abuse that has traumatized all too many kids being embarrassed or humiliated by a teacher or a parent is also traumatic, he says. And there are a plethora of other problems that have contributed to the extreme difficulties that this generation is having wi

HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Front Cover associated giftgiving. Some are particularly disturbed that it is imitating the giftgiving of the nonJewish holiday in the same season. Some have aired concerns that it may even be a problem of walking in the ways of the gentiles. Perhaps these concerns may be alleviated with the knowledge that many experts believe that the commercialization of the nonJewish holiday was actually the brainchild of Jewish immigrant merchants in the early 1900s. Macys, Gi

POURING MUD Continued from Front Cover because it is universally used by the Torahobservant community. The Dor Yeshorim program was created over 26 years ago out of the tzaar and anguish of my wife and me losing four children to TaySachs disease before they were five years old. We decided that though it might be dangerous for our healthy children to go public, we had to try to protect other families in Klal Yisrael from this tragedy happening to them. The programs basic founding principles, as w

HALACHIC MUSINGS Continued from Page 19 cember 25. Some have the custom to refrain from learning on both dates. Most Litvishe poskim believe that since the danger is, thank Heaven, no longer an issue, the custom should be discontinued. An article by Shlomo Alfasi in the Judaic Studies Academic Series 7 discusses a Christian custom related to Candlemas Day in February a Christian holiday which he traces as the origin of the schlissel challah custom. Alfasi strongly suggests that the whole custom

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover and the routes we will traverse by car and on foot. It is true that even though I, albeit still a Diaspora Jew, am very much connected to the land, it is the people that I have come to know over the years that I am so very anxious to see once again. I made a list of about a dozen people whom I plan to either make it my business to meet up with or whom, as a matter of course, I happen to cross paths with every time Im in Israel by virtue of the places th

POURING MUD Continued from Page 20 ilies with affected family members, and do extensive research into new diseases for many of the diseases we screen, Dor Yeshorim was a direct participant in the research to identify the mutation and create a way to screen for them. Based on years of experience, knowledge, and consultation with top doctors, geneticists and, of course, gedolei Yisrael, I have very strong refutations of the opinions Rabbi Hoffman expressed in his article. Rather than responding po

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 22 mer. Along with his wife and children, he seems to extend himself beyond conventional human limitations. They welcome sometimes up to 200 people into their home in the Maalot Dafna area of Jerusalem. They host Fridaynight and Shabbosday meals and not only feed their guests a sumptuous feast but give each individual the time and attention they need. Very often those who are recipients of this unusual chesed are people who are somewhat detached and need a pla

with the participation of the Roshei HaYeshiva and Mashgiach HaRav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler HaRav Yeruchem Olshin HaRav Dovid Schustal HaRav Matisyohu Salomon February 11, 2012 F U LL S H A B B O S I T I N ER A RY T O B E A N N O U N C ED Gala Melave Malka Reception For further information, please watch your mail, or call 732 3671060 ext. 4252 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES December 23, 2011 25

NEW SCHOOL Continued from Front Cover bezras Hashem be opening in September 2012. The school will be led by Rabbi Nosson Neuman, former associate dean of Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens. It will initially open with a class for nursery, kindergarten, and pre1a. Mrs. Leah Zytman, the former menaheles of Lev Bais Yaakov in Brooklyn, will be the preschool director. Rumor has it that they are in negotiations with Yeshiva Darchei Torah to rent the vacant school building on Heyson Road between Beach 12th

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The Idiots Guide To Teenagers BY DONI JOSZEF Can you talk some sense into my kid I get this request pretty often. And my answer is, unabashedly, no. I cant talk sense into people. If I could, Id charge a lot more for what I do. Im not in the business of convincing. Im in the business of listening. I like to watch teenagers talk sense into themselves. Its where the magic of therapy really happens. I call it magic because something appears out of apparent nothingness. Like water emerging from an a

NEW SCHOOL Continued from Page 26 or rebbi may in fact recruit children away from the other school or rebbi. If you were to follow this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, you could argue that its a mitzvah to take the kids away from the other school. After all, arent you giving them a better Torah education This is patently false. Every rebbi and school has a right to believe that the education they offer is superior. But that doesnt make it so Perhaps their approach is only a fit for

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Dont Put On Weight Supplement It BY DR. RACHAEL SCHINDLER, CAI, CPT At this time of year, many of us are making promises to ourselves preChanukah jitters family parties and gettogethers New Years resolutions in the hopes of looking and feeling better. Some of the most popular wishes people share with me include being stricter about eating habits eating less, especially cake and other junk, losing weight, going for a checkup or special exam, andheres a big oneexercising. So when clients ask me, W

picolinate may do the trick for you. It boosts insulin sensitivity, which lets the muscle cells absorb more glucose. In short, that means that its great for controlling blood sugar levels. So how does that translate into eating less carbs Numerous studies have shown that when your blood sugar levels are steady, you are less likely to crave them. So take about 200 micrograms before a big meal. In a similar vein, an Indian herb called Gymnema sylvestre was used for centuries to prevent diabetes. T

Rantings Of A Jewish AntiSemite Tidbits From Israel BY RON JAGER Uncle Tom Friedman has done it again he has proven that you can be a useful idiot and a Jewish antiSemite all in one. Evidently the means justify the ends. Friedman, who has always used his Jewish identity to imply that he is one of us, has crossed the line and joined the ranks of Israels enemies. Last week, in his New York Times column, Friedman seemed to be saying that only by undermining the special relationship between Israel a

NE W REL EAS E , REVOLUTIONIZES THE STUDY OF HILCHOS EIRUVIN With the new release of Mishna Berurah Mahaduras Dirshu, Chelek Daled, the Halachos of Eiruvin are clarified through detailed diagrams as never before. Many Shailos and Teshuvos have arisen since the publication of the Mishna Berurah over a century ago. This new magnum opus from Dirshu features the Chofetz Chaims original classic text, plus sources, Teshuvos, explanations, commentary and modern Psakim to help ones unders

Tidbits From Israel Continued from Page 34 her supporters in America It came soon after the Palestinian narrative, a false and fictional depiction of history, took a severe blow. Newt Gingrich, a leading Republican candidate for president, spoke publicly about the Palestinians being an invented people. Evidently, what ticked off Friedman is the underlying despair that by speaking the truth about the history of the conflict here in the Middle East, Newt Gingrich has exposed the link between the c

Another Mothers Musings By Phyllis J. Lubin Agudath Israel of The Five Towns 508 Peninsula Blvd. corner Cedarhurst Ave. In conjunction with Chaim Aruchim A New Project of Agudath Israel Invites Men and Women to a Yom Iyun Monday December 26, 2011 930 AM 1100 AM Modern Miracles Chanukah is a time when we notice the miracles in our lives. Obviously the oil lasting eight days rather than one was truly miraculous, but even in our day things happen that give us pause to think. Eli English, a coll

MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW This weeks letter is being answered by Jennifer Mann, LMSW. Dear Jennifer, The homework situation in my house has become out of control. I have four children in elementary school first, fourth, sixth, and seventh grades, and I am very involved in their schooling. I have a huge calendar in the kitchen with reminders of when assignments are due, when tests are happening, teachers numbers, homework buddies for the kids, etc. I have set up a system for each child in the

a homework assignment. You may feel bad that your child experienced a failure, or you may deduce that you are a failure. We all bring our own experiences to our parenting. We want to protect our children from the pain we experienced as children. Sometimes in doing so, we may take it to an extreme and cause the very thing we were fearful of in the first place. For example, the parent who grew up with nothing and now gives his own children everything in preventing them from experiencing wanting, h

MOTHERS MUSINGS Continued from Page 37 House, one of the projects that the Cantermans took on, along with other Chabad shluchim and local organizations, was to provide meals each day to the family of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who made worldwide news when he was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists and held captive ing not only food and physical sustenance, but also emotional and psychological support during this time. It happened around Purim time of the previous year 5771 when Chana Can

during the previous five years of trying and uncertain times. She also inquired about the dollar bill that Chana had given her months before. She was curious to know if the rebbetzin remembered when she had received the dollar from the Rebbe. Well, Chana Canterman couldnt remember specifically the day, but she did know that it was over 20 years before and not long after the summer. Then she remembered that, as with all dollars given by the Rebbe to be distributed to charity, the date was written

Lessons Learned The Year In Israel BY TALMIDAH X Well, it finally happened. I was wondering when my lack of sleep and my unhealthy diet were going to catch up with me. Sunday morning, right smack at the beginning of the week, I woke up and immediately knew I had fever. For some reason my first move was to try and lift my head off the pillow, which only led me to discover that, in addition, I had a splitting headache. I ended up staying in bed for the day. When I wasnt sleeping, I thought about a

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen What DoddFrank Has In Store For 2012 The DoddFrank Act is the latest spout of new regulatory responsibilities to be heaped on the financial industry freshly arrived from Congress yes, they do seem to be able to agree on something these changes make it look as if Congress is actually doing something other than sitting in a freezer in the icecube tray. They are pinned to the endless list of updates added, reinvented, and restructuredall in the na

letters to THE EDITOR A Great Gift From Yeshiva Ketana Dear Editor, It is with deep emotion and boundless gratitude that we express our hakaras hatov to Hashem and thank Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island YKLI for the display of love, affection, and inclusion that took place at the fifthgrade Gemara mesibah. At this time of year, when the world is focused on the giving of gifts, our family received the greatest gift, one that touched our souls, a true gift of chesed from the yeshiva, their rebbeim, a

The Center For Anxiety Combining EvidenceBased Treatment And Torah BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER Anxiety is the single largest public health problem facing America today, with nearly 20 percent of the population meeting criteria for a fullblown diagnosis in every calendar year, says Dr. David Rosmarin. As a psychologist expert in spiritualbased mentalhealth treatment who has taught and conducted research at Harvard for a decade, Dr. Rosmarin gives public speeches and publishes academic papers on the

On Our Bus Behavior From The Other Side Of The Bench BY DAVID J. SEIDEMANN, ESQ. She is already being referred to as the Jewish Rosa Parks after she refused to move to the back of the bus last week in a chareidi neighborhood in Israel. She sat her ground, the chareidim yelled, the police arrived, and after a half hour or so the bus went on its merry way with Ms. Rosenblit still perched in her frontrow seat. The Egged bus company weighed in, this minister chimed in, that minister chimed in, and e

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Talmidah X Continued from Page 42 Jews think it is acceptable to enter an army base and physically harm Israeli soldiers Since when is it okay to destroy private property in order to make a statement When I read about this, I was shocked. It is very possible that a good amount of my confusion stems from my naivet and unfamiliarity with Israels domestic issues. As the year progresses, I hope to change that and have a greater understanding. I encourage all seminary and yeshiva students here to use

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THE DISH By Elke Probkevitz Doughnuts Around the World Deepfried delicious doughnuts are hard to resist, so its a good thing we have a holiday that requires us to indulge for eight days in all things fried. Known as sufganiyot in Israel, doughnuts exist in different shapes and forms kled with cinnamon and nuts. Israeli. Sufganiyot are from Israel but have become a Chanukah tradition all over the world. Large, jellyfilled doughnuts sprinkled with powdered sugar hit the spot every time. Year and

Blossoming Into Yiddishkeit Mayim Bialik Visits YIWH BY MICHELE JUSTIC An overflowing crowd came out on Sunday, December 18, to listen to actress Mayim Bialik speak about her journey in Yiddishkeit. Born to parents who chose a Reform lifestyle after being raised in Orthodox postHolocaust homes, Mayim describes her path to almost Orthodoxy as coming home. The captivated crowd at the Young Israel of West Hempstead listened as Mayim described her current struggles to continue to grow in Torah obser

Mayim Bialik Continued from Page 53 understands that this is not something an Orthodox person would have done and she hopes to avoid such issues in the future. By making her path towards further observance public, Mayim serves as an encouraging voice to other baalei often writes about different aspects of her attachment parenting. More will follow in her upcoming book, Beyond The Sling, but Mayim and her husband never leave their children with another caregiver. She practices extended nursing,

REAL ESTATE Continued from Page 43 es, mortgage insurance, or other required periodic payments dependent on the required terms of the loan might remain with errors for long periods of time or the lender might not want to correct the escrow amounts other than once a year, even if too high an escrow payment was being withheld for necessary payments. All of these issues have been addressed in the DoddFrank Act, with loan servicers now required to respond to borrowers requests and update and correct

Teammates Forever The Afterlife BY DR. BERNIE KASTNER My chavrusah, Y.S., and I were learning about the reason Yosef insisted on having his father, Yaakov, and extended family move from the land of Canaan to Egypt. Aside from the fact that Yosef was Pharaohs righthand man and in a position to provide plenty of sustenance to his brethren, Yosef saw that it would actually be easier for his family to maintain its Jewish values there. In the land of Canaan, the Israelites were offered to assimilate

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Other Side of the Bench Continued from Page 46 with a speck of dirt on his clothing, as it will bring dishonor to the Jewish people. And, assuming one wants to live by a certain set of rules, what alternatives exist in being able to serve ones Gd as well as bring honor and light to Gds creations I do not dare venture to adjudicate this issue pursuant to Jewish law. I simply raise these considerations, for I believe a true Torah scholar would consider all of the above before telling a woman to mo

A Chanukah Miracle Recipe BY MARUAN ALIANE HEAD CHEF, PRIMA ROYALE HOTEL, JERUSALEM Replace the regular potato latkes with something unusual this Chanukah Here is a different and delicious recipe. Potato, Sweet Potato, And Cheese Latkes Serves 8 Ingredients 4 medium potatoes, peeled and cooked 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cooked 7 oz. Kashkaval cheese 3.5 oz. feta cheese, crumbled 3.5 oz. Parmesan cheese, grated cup chives, chopped 1 cup flour 8 eggs salt, ground black pepper oil for f

insights on THE TORAH From The Chassidic Masters The Cosmic Fantasy Whither All These Dreams A significant part of Parashas Mikeitz is devoted to a pair of dreams dreamt by the king of Egypt. These dreams are actually recounted not once, but three times first we read an account of the dreams themselves then comes a more detailed version, as we hear them described by Pharaoh to Yosef and then comes Yosefs reply to Pharaoh, in which he offers his interpretation of the various components of the dre

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Continued from Page 44 Finding Truth In Torah And Science Dear Editor, The letters by Rabbi Slifkin and Mr. Avi Goldstein in last weeks paper, and the previous dialogue with Rabbi Meiselman, require some comment. The value of pi 3 in halachic computations is not a matter of mathematics it is derived from the verse I Kings 723. In general, one has to say that the level of mathematical sophistication in Mishnah and Yerushalmi is vastly superior to that of the Bavli. For exa

News From The Hills Solution To Last Weeks 5TJT Puzzle Prophets BY CHANITA TEITZ warmth to our community. Lots of exciting things took place in our neighborhoods last week and many Chanukah parties and other events are coming up. But first, a little nachas. My grandson Mordechai Weiss performed with the NY Boys Choir last night on the Chabad Chanukah Telethon. They are singing again at a gala Chanukah concert, Thursday, December 22 at 815 p.m. at Shulamith High School in Brooklyn. My daughter ju

5TJT Puzzle The New Face In Music BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Grim 6. Not so bright 10. Happenings 14. Vick, e.g. 15. A Great Lake 16. Misplace 17. Distant 18. Tap dance prop, perhaps 19. Get in touch with a doctor, maybe 20. Concerts by 43Across during Chanukah 23. Zip 24. Rex or Rob 25. Burns in 29. Stately 33. Hit song by 43Across 37. Went for office 38. Black 39. A mother 41. Decays 42. Trick 43. International star recently in the news after 53Across 45. How 43Across communicated 53Across 48. On

News From The Hills Continued from Page 62 p.m. at the Young Israel 150th Street and 70th Road. They are planning a magic show, a makeyourown dreidel contest, food, fun, and a raffle. Families pay 10 per person for first four people, then 5 for each additional and receive a free raffle ticket with each. For more information, call Orit Lax 7187010606. Ladies from 15 to 40 years of age are invited to Light up the Night on December 25 at 7 p.m. at Ohr Natan in the Main Hall, 9875 Queens Boulevard,

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thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Questionable Suggestions Since many winters ago, immediately following the first cold snap for someone with my condition, a cold snap would be any outdoor temperature reading of less than 50F, my fingers begin to hurt. I have no idea exactly what my condition is called or if it even has a name, but I do know that I have a condition. The only symptom of this socalled condition is that I have deep cracks in the skin at the tips of my fingers, on either s

CHASSIDIC MASTERS Continued from Page 60 Indeed, everything in a dream is borrowed from our waking lives. But everything is topsyturvy, defying all norms of logic and credulity. In a dream, a tragedy might be a cause for celebration, a parent might be younger than his child, or a cow may jump over the moon. Galus is a dream a terrible, irrational fantasy embracing the globe and spanning millennia a dream in which crime pays, the good die young, and Gds chosen people are slaughtered with impunity

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The Best Gift Of All Yakov Jacobson was doing preChanukah mivtzaim outreach campaigns in Laguna Beach, California, when he happened upon a man in the role of a familiar characterwho, he was surprised to find out, is a Jew The man had never put on tefillin before, and Yakov helped him do the mitzvah for the first time in his life. 70 December 23, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

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Go to To download NACHAS brand new single For FREE Go to For bookings call 6463693571 To download new single Use promo code 5TJT for special discounts Y e s h i va of Fa r R o c k a w ay MOTZOEI SHABBOS PARSHAS VAEIRA JANUARY 21, 2012 26 TEVES 5772 At The Yeshiva Campus 802 HICKSVILLE ROAD FAR ROCKAWAY, NEW YORK f o r t y t h i r d annual dinner ESTEEMED ALUMNI HONOREES MR. MRS. YOCHANAN BODNER GUESTS OF HONOR DR. MRS. DOVID REICH KESSER SHE


Enriching The Sounds Of Life Up Close With Stuart Motechin under the leadership of Rav Aryeh Z. Ginzberg, with a great sense of to we are proud to invite friends and neighbors in the CedarhurstWoodmere community to join with us in a special BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER Does life sound as rich to you as it once did Can you hear the sound of a childs whisper Hearing is integral to our lives, our loved ones, our safety, work, success, and ability to stay in the game. Although hearing loss is common am

son since a very young age. I genuinely enjoy communicating with people of all ages, old and young. I try to make a personal connection with everyone who walks through my door. Audiology is a field based on communication. What better way to spend a career than trying to improve peoples ability to communicate RMM What are some of the unique features of your practice SM I am very proud of our physical office space. We share a beautiful, brand new, stateoftheart office within the lovely confines of

WOBBLY or BROKEN chair legs Need chair REPAIR or REUPHOLSTERY vynil or fabric QUALITY CHAIR RESTORATION PAPAS I provide EXPRESS service FREE estimates Will pick up your chair and redeliver for a small fee. Many years of cabinetry expirience 76 December 23, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES Call Alex 9176716056

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AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Crosstown Security Looking Out For You By 5TJT Staff Crosstown Security has been in business for over two decades. Shimon Gross, the president of Crosstown Security, prides himself on the quality of his work. All wires are snaked behind walls and all holes are patched. Shimon admits that it is much harder to snake wires behind walls than to staple them along windowsills and floors as many other installers do, but his customers appreciate the effort and they love that all th

YO U R A D COULD BE HERE 5165690502 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES December 23, 2011 79

SERVICES PROVIDED Teacher PhD wishes to tutor students at low rates. I can tutor in various subjects. General homework help is also offered. 7184712640 Entertainment Parties With Devorah, BatBar Mitzvah D.J. M.C., dancer. Music, dancing, games. Never A Dull Moment. Prof. equipment. Reasonable Prices. 9175200630, Experienced Rebbe available to learn any limudei kodesh subject with you or your son. References available. 9178422587, Gemach special for simcha.

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Woodmere Exp. Ranch, 4BR, 3bth, under market value. Prime location . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .379K Woodmere Magnificent completely redone Mother Daughter XLarge split. 6BR, 5bth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800s Woodmere Coops Immaculate and spacious 1BR. Owner will pay 3 months maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .125K Spacious 2BR, 2bth owner will pay 3 months maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 78 Achiezer Never Giving Up This is the story of a friendship that never would have happened. Joseph Rosner is a successful businessman living in the Five Towns. Nice family, one daughter in Far Rockaway, a son in Los Angeles. A good life. Things hummed along just fine until two years ago, when Joseph started having pains in his stomach. One medical visit followed another, the doctors seemed to get more and more nervous, until finally, the verdict was i

to retreat. And just as slowly but surely, the budding friendship between Joseph Rosner and the Achiezer team began to grow. Its now two years since Josephs fateful diagnosistwo productive, happy, healthy years. Joseph and Rabbi Bender speak on the phone almost weekly its a match made in heaven. Josephs story has become symbolic of Achiezers approach of continuous hope and faith. Its an approach thats redefining medical referralsand redefining friendshipfor every community member in need. The

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 83 hoshua, is a fifth grader in Yeshiva Darchei Torah. It is most appropriate that the Schicks have been selected to receive this award as they have long admired Rabbi Weitmans dedication to chinuch habanos and credit him as the moving force behind the success of TAG. Chesky and Naomi Newman Parents of the Year. It is not always easy being a parent these days, with parents facing many new challenges that are arising in todays society. Yet there are paren

3,000 to help the Couragers continue their amazing work. What better time of the year to focus on brightening the lives of special children than in the month of Chanukah said Kids of Courage cofounder Howie Kafka of Lawrence. Equally as impressive was the time span in which this race was put together Kids of Courage put the team together in under two and a half months. During that short time, group flights were booked, hotel reservations were prepared, and most importantly, miles and miles were

Achiezer Thanks Gourmet Glatt Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender, founder of Achiezer, and Mr. Shalom Jaroslawicz, Achiezer volunteer coordinator, presenting Mr. Yoeli Steinberg, general manager of Gourmet Glatt, with a plaque of appreciation for the stores continued communal sponsorships as well as the upkeep of the new Achiezer Respite Room at South Nassau Communities Hospital. 86 December 23, 2011 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES TRAVEL SECTION

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 85 to give them a derech halimud that enables them to learn and understand the sugyos of the Gemara with an amkus profundity. His second goal is to infuse the talmidim with an awareness of the beauty and sweetness of Torah, giving them a sense of cheishek desire to make great strides in their learning. Every afternoon, Rav Eisen takes on the role of second seder maggid shiur for Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid, guiding the talmidim, many of whom were in his c

PA S S O V E R 2 0 12 CELEBRATING OUR 24th MAGICAL YEAR IN CELEBRATING OUR 24th MAGICAL YEAR IN AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 87 After graduating elementary school, Yosef remained for Mesivta Chaim Shlomo, where he was a member of its second graduating class, and then joined Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid. In Eretz Yisrael, he learned at Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim for three years, including a year after his marriage to Chani Hochstadter of Montreal. Today the Goldbergs live with their th

nuch address Shabbos afternoon for men and women at Cong. Kneseth Israel White Shul at 300 p.m. The highlight of the weekend will be a gala melaveh malkah at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Shabse Fuchs. Rav Yisroel Reisman, shlita, will give the keynote address Rabbi Boruch Diamond, shlita, will chair the event. Tefillos throughout Shabbos in various batei medrashim will be led by Torah Vodaath alumni Shloime Dachs and Srully Wulliger. They will be joined by Yitzy Bald on Motzaei Shabbos to pro Mr. a

Pesach 2012 Now in our 12th year Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem Full English Speaking Program Travel Deal Israel proudly presents AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 89 in recognition of the impact this Torah institution has had on our community. Shulamiths total history actually spans back to the 1920s, and the dinner was a chance to celebrate 85 years of excellence. Shulamith honored David and Jane Seidemann as parents of the year, Nechemia and Chanie Ginsburg as the shalshelet hadorot award

The JEP leaders are working hard all year long reaching and teaching more and more children. They are looking to the Five Towns community to help them continue. The annual JEP dinner and journal campaign is in full swing. They invite all to participate in their work by visiting jepli.orgdinner. The Beautiful Eden Palace There is nothing like an Eden Palace wedding. It is a common occurrence that residents of the Five Towns make their childrens weddings at the beautiful Eden Palace on Flushing

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 91 He gives workshops because he feels its important to open up the closed box of people with disabilities. In addition to his workshops to audiences, young and old, Meyer also runs a greeting card business which produces greeting cards, banners, and flyers for all occasions. The MAY students were very impressed and extremely moved A Chanukah Celebration In Hewlett By Rivkie Tenenboim Hewlett just got brighter and warmer, as over 130 people came out to

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The Idiots Guide Continued from Page 29 tener theyve never encountered. They will intuitively appreciate your willingness to step outside the box. Which is precisely where teens like to play. Outside the box. 3. Look beyond the screens. As you may have noticed, teens and technology often go handinhand. They like surfing through the waves of cuttingedge innovation and the various gadgets that offer it. Instead of asking them to turn their screens off, try joining the fun. Its an easy in. We call

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 92 Boro Parks chassidic community. The book won a best book of the year award from the prestigious Kirkus Reviews. Ms. Brown was later named one of the top 50 most influential Jewish Americans by the Jewish Daily Forward. Ms. Brown originally chose to be anonymous. The book named the author as Eishes Chayil, woman of valor. However, after the murder of eightyearold Leiby Kletzky in Brooklyn in July 2011 by a suspected pedophile, Ms. Brown penned a nation

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