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The 2010 IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, ArtNaturescapes Category sponsored by That Patchwork PlaceMartingale Co. AUTUMN BIRCHES 47 X 66 by S USAN G ILGEN of St. George, Utah, USA. Original design. Photo by Jim Lincoln

con tents J OURNAL OF T HE I NTERNATIONAL Q UILT A SSOCIATION V O L U M E 3 3 N U M B E R 1 2 4 6 10 letter from the president In her last letter as President, Pepper Cory reflects on her term as it draws to a close, and reveals her proudest accomplishment, from her time in office. 14 18 26 34 quiltapalooza New and improved for its second year, get the scoop on IQAs big night at Festival and all the fun activities that are in store. 201 12012 iqa teacher directory IQA members are also instr

L E T T E R BOARd OF diRECTORs president Pepper Cory vice president education Pokey Bolton vice president finance Stevii Graves vice president membership Linda Pumphrey vice president public service Brenda Groelz secretary Pat Sloan treasurer Marti Michell founders Jewel Patterson 19102002 Helen OBryant 19142005 Karey Bresenhan Nancy OBryant F R O M Dear members, T H E P R E s i d E N T Sometimes the sayonara letter of an outgoing officer can be quite bittersweetnot this one. This IQA Presid

local quilt show, would sweep the prize field. It was exhilarating because the quilt highthat feeling of being part of an important process and seeing the worlds best quilt work up close and personal has never really left. Looking back on this twoyear tenure, I am proud to have defended one of IQAs most important rules, the infamous Rule 2 Quilts that have been made by two people including quilting stitches may be entered in the show and must be a collaboration between two artists and not a busi

201 12012 iqa teacher directory CALiFORNiA Cathie I. Hoover 7113 Carolina Ct. Modesto, CA 95356 2095454188 quilt designer, embellishments, machine appliqu Rami Kim 803 Wild Berry Ln. Rocklin, CA 95765 9162093121 machine quilting, author, embellishments, fabric folding, arttowear Marcia Stein 1472 Filbert St., 503 San Francisco, CA 94109 4157762962 author, quilt designer, machine appliqu, pictorial quilts COLORAdO Christine Hause 444

MissOURi Shelly Pagliai 31763 Intrepid Rd. Macon, MO 63552 6606760606 hand quilting, hand appliqu, quilt designer NEW YORK Mary Anne Ciccotelli 24 Second Ave. Pelham, NY 10803 9147382783 author, quilt designer, Folded Hexagon projects, Fabric Chain Art OREGON Linda Steller 1842 Jefferson St. Eugene, OR 97402 5415218187 machine quilting, various piecing techniques PENNsYLVANiA Patti Laird 3057 Sundown Dr. Chambersburg, PA 17202

festival opportunities See the top winning quilts before the general public at IQAs Winners Circle Celebration. 6 Photo by Kim Coffman

Exclusive Quilt Festival Houston perks for iQA members This years fall International Quilt Festival will take place November 36 with Preview Night on November 2 and classes beginning October 31 at Houstons George R. Brown Convention Center. IQA members who attend will have special opportunities that no one else will Heres a rundown of what your membership entitles you to that no one else receives. One Days Free Admission IQA members get one days free admission to International Quilt Festival. J

A TOUCH OF TEXAS by S HARON S CHAMBER and quilted by J ANET S TURDEVANT S TUART , the 2011 IQA Raffle Quilt. 8 Photo by Jim Lincoln

FEsTiVAL OPPORTUNiTiEs Private Photo Op IQA members only have a special oneandahalf hour opportunity, beginning at 830 a.m. Friday, November 4, to photograph Quilts A World of Beauty and Festivals other special exhibits except those which prohibit photography before Festival crowds arrive. Booths will not be open for shopping. IQA membership card required. Entry between 830930 a.m. only through Hall D. OTHER iQA EVENTs MiniQuilt Silent Auction IQA sponsors this auction of donated miniature qu

iqa files janet fogg IQA Journal First, please tell us a bit about your personal and artistic background. Fogg I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, the middle child of seven. After my mother diedwhen I was elevenmy father fostered my interest in art and sewing, encouraging me to find a career in the arts. I ended up graduating from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design Illustration, and working in the advertising field as an art director. IQA Journal How and

IQA Journal Many of your quilts combine a pictorial style with elements of the traditional. What is it about this particular aesthetic that most appeals to you Fogg What appeals to me most is the deliberate crossing of boundaries between the predominant areas of quilting. By blending pictorial with tradition, I build a bridge upon which to stand and appreciate the beauty of both views. IQA Journal And when you create a quilt like Kitty Corner or Winding Road Aheadwhich contain both traditional b

janet Fogg Usually, the quilts from category one start with the traditional block and the quilts from category two begin with the image. IQA Journal Is it safe to say that you also have an affinity for animals and natural imagery Do you have a favorite animal quilt among your works Fogg I think it is safe to say I have an affinity for animals, but rarely do I place them in a natural setting. More likely, they are juxtaposed with quilt blocks or their setting is manipulated to push a concept, as

iQA FiLEs And I am very grateful for that. But honestly, I wouldnt be where I am today if, in the early years, I had not been inspired by some of the great quilt artists who visited and taught at the guild meetings and seminars I attended. I chose to follow their example and pursue excellence in my art. Now that I find myself in the position to be an influence, I work very hard to provide instruction and guidance to my students in the very best way that I can. I wish for them success, and encou

quiltapalooza around even better the second the time Returning for the second year, Quiltapalooza promises to be a funfilled event with some of quiltings biggest stars turning out for an evening of camaraderie and laughs. It takes place Thursday, Nov. 3, from 630830 p.m. Tickets are 32, available until Nov. 2 at the enrollment desk on the second floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. And, as a fundraiser for IQA, all of the proceeds will go toward programs for the organizatio

The 2010 IQ A JUDGED SHOW First Place, Group Category sponsored by Quilters World HANGING BY A THREAD 58 X 58 by N ADINE S ANDERS and the Hanging By a Thread Quilt Group of Chehalis, Washington, USA. Inspired by Portraits for Fabric Lovers by Marilyn Belford. Photo by Jim Lincoln 1 5

t h e 2 0 1 1 q u i lt s a w o r l d o f b e a u t y j u d g e d s h o w s p o n s o r s 96,250 in nonpurchase cash awards The Handi Quilter Best of Show Award 10,000 QUI LT INTERNATIONAL F E S T I VA L HOUSTON 2011 The Founders Award International Quilt Festival The World of Beauty Award The Robert S. Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artistry 7,500 7,500 5,000 The Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Artistry The Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry The Maywo

Each Category Award Totals 2,000 1,000 for first place, 700 for second, and 300 for third ArtAbstract, Large ArtAbstract, Small ArtMiniature ArtNaturescapes ArtPainted Surface ArtPeople, Portraits, and Figures Sp EW or N ns o ArtPictorial ArtWhimsical Digital Imagery Embellished Quilts Group Quilts Handmade Quilts Innovative Appliqu Innovative Pieced Merit Quilting Hand Merit Quilting Machine Miniature EW or N ns o Mixed Technique Traditional Appliqu Traditional Pieced S

winners gallery Art, Abstractsmall FiRsT PLACE F E AT H E R S IN THE WIND 61 x 42 by C ARYL B RYER FALLERT of Paducah, Kentucky, USA. 1 8

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY BENARTEX, iNC. Artists Statement This quilt grew out of a series of sketches of fantasy feathers. The designs in this quilt go beyond anything that would be found in a real bird, but reflect patterns found in nature, both in birds, and in plants. The fabrics in this quilt are all from the Gradations collection, which I designed for Benartex. Original design f youve followed the work of Fallert over the years, you know that birds and flight are recurring themes in her work

Art, Abstractsmall sECONd PLACE STONE II 35 x 42 by J EAN W ELLS K EENAN of Sisters, Oregon, USA 20

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY BENARTEX, iNC. Artists Statement Stones jutting out of the side of a mountain amidst the pine trees are always a stunning sight. The strong shapes, detailed texture, and interesting colors that Mother Nature provided are an inspiration. Original design, inspired by Rosalie Daces Earth, Wind, Fire workshop. T he year 1969 may have heralded a decades end, but for Keenan, it began a passion for quilting, which today finds her wearing the hats of artist, author, teacher, and

Art, Abstractsmall THiRd PLACE RING AROUND THE ALOE 32 x 50 by L OIS P ODOLNY of Tucson, Arizona, USA 22

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY BENARTEX, iNC. Artists Statement Tucson, Arizonas desert has a tremendous amount of raw beauty. The green aloe plants with the red spikes encasing its petals are, in my opinion, a sight to behold. Seeing them flower in the spring inspired this quilt. Original design, inspired by a Jane Sassaman workshop P eople go to the mall for a lot of things school clothes, electronic devices, Cinnabons. But when Podolny entered one certain shoppers paradise 25 years ago, she walked

Art, Abstractsmall HONORABLE MENTiON T H AT S G R A P H I C 36 x 36 by D IANA S HARKEY of Mount Kisco, New York, USA 24

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY BENARTEX, iNC. Artists Statement I had been collecting selvages from my stash. This won a blue ribbon at my Northern Star Quilt Guild Show in May, 2010, in Somers, New York. Original design h, what to do with selvages Those narrow, endofthefabric ID tags that usually end up on the cuttingroom floor. Sharkey must have felt sorry for the castoff critters because she made this quilt with an awful lot of them. I had two boxes filled with saved selvage and, after making a tote

winners gallery innovative Pieced FiRsT PLACE BOHEMIAN FIREWORKS 72 x 66 by S ANDRA P ETERSON of Muncie, Indiana, USA 26

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY OMNiGRid Artists statement This original quilt design was hand drafted. It is still my favorite design process. I chose dark, grayeddown jewel tones and low contrast because I wanted the viewer to be drawn in to see the intricate piecework. It is machine pieced and includes extensive hand quilting. Original design or the past 12 years, all of Petersons quilt designs have been original, designed and drafted entirely by hand, she says. Such was the case with Bohemian Firewo

innovative Pieced sECONd PLACE A BIRD FOR ALL SEASONS 56 x 70 by L INDA H IBBERT of Loveland, Colorado, USA 28

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY OMNiGRid Artists statement Each season, different birds visit my garden. Inspired by this idea, I began designing bird blocks and, eventually, the woods block. When different fabrics are chosen, the woods become different seasons Original design i have never seen a real bright red cardinal. Colorado is not cardinal habitat, so the only way to have that cardinal visit me was to stitch him up into a quilt Thus began A Bird for All Seasons, Hibbert says of her winning quilt

innovative Pieced THiRd PLACE FIREWORKS 80 x 59 by N ETTIE S MITH and L INDA H IBBERT of Loveland, Colorado, USA 30

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY OMNiGRid Artists statement This quilt started as a Kaleidostar. Around the Fourth of July, as the quilting was done, the fireworks theme emerged. The addition of notfixed crystals just added to the effect of the exploding night sky. Designed by Linda Hibbert his quilta continuous work in progresswas a true collaboration between Smith and quilterdesigner Linda Hibbert. We have worked together on many successful quilts, Smith begins. Never before have I taken one of her pat

innovative Pieced HONORABLE MENTiON S TA N Z A D E L L A S I G N AT U R A 52 x 54 by C AROL M OELLERS and T IM J UHL of Greene, Iowa, USA 32

CATEGORY sPONsOREd BY OMNiGRid Artists statement This quilt was inspired by the mosaic tile floor in the Vaticans Stanza Della Signatura by 16thcentury Italian artistarchitect Raffaello Sanzio. The room contains four archway frescoes depicting the theme of worldly and spiritual wisdom. The quilt is my artistic interpretation of architectural details in the room. Original design oellers quilt might have been made even sweeter by her Honorable Mention win, but it was already a truly special quil

from the library b y s t e v i i g r a v e s Lone Stars III A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 19862011 by Karoline Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy OBryant Puentes University of Texas Press 388 pages, 50 hardcover, 29.95 softcover The third in a series documenting Texas quilts, this book presents photos and the stories behind 200 quilts created since 1986. All were written by Bresenhan and Puentes, two cofounders of IQA. Texas is known to be where big is located. After viewing the images in this book, it

The 2010 IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, ComputerAided Machine Embroidery Category sponsored by Oklahoma Embroidery supply design GO BE DAZZLED 70 X 70.5 by S ARAH V EDELER of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Original design. Photo by Jim Lincoln

The 2010 IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, Traditional Appliqu Category sponsored by Quilters Newsletter VINTAGE BUTTON BOUQUET 82.5 X 82.5 by L INDA R OY of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Inspired by antique buttons, bracelets, and watches from Prize Possessions. Photo by Jim Lincoln

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