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s .org rule .quilts w sho www d at ge jud ilable 2 201 ava form try en J OURNAL OF T HE I NTERNATIONAL Q UILT A SSOCIATION SPRING 2012

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, ArtAbstract Small Sponsored by Benartex, Inc. A VIEW FROM ABOVE 39.5 X 63.5 by S HEILA F RAMPTON C OOPER of Van Nuys, California, USA. Original design. Phot

con tents J OURNAL OF T HE I NTERNATIONAL Q UILT A SSOCIATION V O L U M E 3 3 N U M B E R 3 2 6 10 letter from the president We hear the challenge over and over again How do we get young people invo

L E t t E R BOaRd Of dIREctORs president Stevii Graves vice president education Pokey Bolton vice president finance Brenda Groelz vice president membership Linda Pumphrey vice president public service

Id encourage all of you to take a child to a quilt show. Let it be their day, let them take the lead in what they want to look at and encourage them to talk about what they see. Its amazing what a chi

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW first Place, Group Sponsored by APQS Quilting Systems FRIENDS OF B A LT I M O R E 87 X 87 4 by S USAN G ARMAN , J ERRIANNE E VANS , PAT C OTTER , M ARSHA F ULLER , and

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW first Place, Wearable art Sponsored by Hobbs Bonded fibers BELLE FOR A D A Y by R ENAE H ADDADIN of Sandy, Utah, USA. Photo by Jim Lincoln 5

iqa files timna tarr o f s o u t h h a d l e y , m a s s a c h u s e t t s sew clothing, but I hated it I still do not like making clothes. However, I did enjoy other needlecrafts like crossstitch an

That first quilt was constructed based on how I thought quilts were madewith cardboard templates and 58 seams that were backstitched at every end. I did not realize the importance of accurate measurin

timna tarr Photo by Stephen Petegorsky and how not to put a quilt together If something is not going well with one of my quilts, I am able to troubleshoot pretty quickly, because I have seen and wor

IQa fILEs start sewing. As I make more blocks, I dig deeper into my stash. I produce as many blocks as I can, until I just cannot tolerate making any more Only then do I lay the blocks out on the des

winners gallery art, Naturescapes fIRst PLacE M A YA P P L E S 7 7 x 6 2 by T ERRY K RAMZAR of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA. Original design. 10 Photo by Jim Lincoln

catEGORY sPONsOREd BY tHat PatcHWORK PLacEMaRtINGaLE cO. Artists Statement A delightful surprise hides underneath a canopy of leaves. A small flower blooms in the V stems of the Mayapple. I continue

art, Naturescapes sEcONd PLacE CHERRY BLOSSOMS 29.5 x 26.75 by M ASAKO S AKAGAMI of Toyama, Japan. Original design. 12 Photo by Wilma Hart

CATEGORY SpOnSOREd bY THAT pATCHWORK pLACEMARTInGALE CO. Artists Statement I cut cherry blossoms from old Japanese kimono fabric and used them to create this beautiful spring scene from my hometown

art, Naturescapes tHIRd PLacE CYPRESS SENTINELS 36 x 42 by M ARY A NN H ILDEBRAND of Comfort, Texas, USA. Original design. 1 4 Photo by Wilma Hart

catEGORY sPONsOREd BY tHat PatcHWORK PLacEMaRtINGaLE cO. Artists Statement I took photographs of cypress trees along a creek. The scrunched fabric technique was learned in a workshop with July Sisne

T h e 2 0 1 2 Q u I lT S A w O r l D O F b e A u T y J u D g e D S h O w S P O n S O r S 96,250 in nonpurchase cash awards Note Click on a companys logo to visit their website The Handi Quilter Bes

Each Category Award Totals 2,000 1,000 for first place, 700 for second, and 300 for third EW or N ns o Sp ArtAbstract, Large ArtAbstract, Small ArtMiniature ArtNaturescapes ArtPainted Surface

winners gallery Embellished fIRst PLacE B.S. I LOVE YOU 58 x 68 by J ANET S TONE of Overland Park, Kansas, USA. Original design. 1 8 Photo by Jim Lincoln

catEGORY sPONsOREd BY BaBY LOcK Artists Statement This quilt is a tribute to my husband, who is the best husband a quilter could have. Hes an honest critic who accompanies me to quilt shows even thou

Embellished sEcONd PLacE STARRING BEADS 30 x 50.5 by E LLEN YAMAGUCHI of New York, New York, USA. Traditional Lone Star pattern and inspired by Nancy Ehas workshop Kaleidoscoped Beads. 20 Photo by

catEGORY sPONsOREd BY BaBY LOcK Artists Statement The complexity of Paula Nadelsterns fabric adds interest to the simplicity of the simple Lone Star pattern. L ike many quilters, Yamaguchi learned

Embellished tHIRd PLacE T H E B I G E A S Y C E L E B R AT E S M A R D I G R A S 66 x 89 by J AYNETTE H UFF of Conway, Arkansas, USA. Original designs and use of traditional blocks. 22 Photo by W

CATEGORY SpOnSOREd bY bAbY LOCK Artists Statement This 15block quilt represents New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mardi Gras its history, buildings, culture, and major events. It is heavily embellished wit

Embellished HONORaBLE MENtION WINDY 42.5 x 35 by J ANEENE H ERCHOLD of Redding, California, USA. Original design. 24

catEGORY sPONsOREd BY BaBY LOcK Artists Statement Windy was named during an especially strong windy storm viewed outside through my studio window. Looking first at the moving tree branches outside, t

crazy quilting 101 future experts detail a rich history and colorful b y d e b o r a h q u i n n h e n s e l t ake a oneofakind pearl button, a silk ribbon flower, a cherished scrap from one of Dads

I find putting the different colors together and seeing how they play against each other endlessly fascinating. Crazy quilting is so forgiving that it is possible to use all sorts of techniques includ

deborah Quinn Hensel There was an interest in stitching randomlypieced cotton Crazies even decades before, she adds. Those quilts were also referred to as kaleidoscope quilts, after the device patent

CRAZY QUILTInG 101 shortage of new fabrics with which to work, but it may have created a nostalgia for better times which the nicer scraps represented. Crazy quilting certainly didnt originate in the

Deborah Quinn Hensel who watched her mom and sisters make it in 1838, in Jericho Mills, MD. This piece is extremely fragile, and its not pieced on a fabric background. Instead, all the patches are se

CRAZY QUILTING 101 I teach a lot of Crazy quilting and find that everyones work is different in the end, even if they use the same pattern, Steele adds. Even the most timid sewer finds that they have

from the iqa library b y s t e v i i g r a v e s Art Quilt Portfolio The Natural World Martha Sielman Lark Crafts 192 pages, 24.95 This is an eye candy book. The quilts are works inspired by things f

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW first Place, artPainted surface Sponsored by Ricky tims, Inc. LOVED AND WA S L O V E D 5 5 . 5 X 55.5 by I NGE M ARDAL and S TEEN H OUGS of Chantilly, France. Origina

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW First Place, Innovative Pieced Sponsored by Omnigrid C O L L A B O R AT I O N 6 9 X 69 by K EIKO YAMADA of Kusatsushi, Shiga, Japan. Original design. Photo by Jim Linc