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The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW First PlaceInnovative Appliqu Category sponsored by EZ Quilting by Simplicity Creative Group IN LOVE WITH DOTS AND DOLLS 62 X 80 by M EGUMI M IZUNO of Shiki City, Sai

con tents J OURNAL OF T HE I NTERNATIONAL Q UILT A SSOCIATION V O L U M E 3 3 N U M B E R 4 2 6 13 1 6 letter from the president Stevii Graves fills you in on the making of the 2012 Raffle Quiltwhic

L E t t E R BOaRd Of diREctORs president Stevii Graves vice president education Pokey Bolton vice president finance Brenda Groelz vice president membership Linda Pumphrey vice president public service

borders. Once she got started, the ideas flowed as she created a unique design for every block in the quilt. We are thankful for the creative muse that hit Meredyth. While quilting the quilt, she was

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW first Placeart, abstractLarge Category sponsored by Hoffman California Fabrics J U B I L AT I O N 7 0 X 58 by PAULETTE L ANDERS of Springville, California, USA. Origina

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW first Placetraditional appliqu Category sponsored by Quilters Newsletter REDBUD RAMBLE 84 X 83 by L INDA R OY of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Original design. Photo by Jim

iqa files sheila o f v a n n u y s , c a l i f o r n i a framptoncooper IQA Journal Tell us a bit about your early lifegrowing up, going to school, etc. Sheila FramptonCooper I was born and raised in

wanted to do. One of those things was driving, which is my other passion. My dad used to let me drive around the block when I was just a tadpole, but when I stole his truck and went joyriding at 13, h

Sheila framptonCooper IQA Journal Your bio says you came to quilting through Project Linus. Tell us more about that. Sheila FramptonCooper In January 2009, President Obama designated a Day of Service

iQa fiLES architecture, so all of that has had an impact on my style. The bright colors in nature, especially tropical fish, really excite me, and my favorite color combination is blue and orange, li

Sheila framptonCooper The feeling of trust I experienced in those early days helped ground me during some challenging times. Those early paintings gave me so much. Messages were coming through, and i

iQa fiLES However, I dont think he expected me to be out here as much as I am So another way he is supportive is not expecting fancy dinners every night. If he gets some fish or chicken and broccoli

Sheila framptonCooper SUNSET CINEMA detail IQA Journal What quilts are you working on now Sheila FramptonCooper I just finished dyeing 10 bolts of fabric in four days, and prior to that, I completed

quiltapalooza returns for fun, food, and fascinators during fall festival R ight after the Lone Star Quilt Conference, IQAs general meeting Thursday, November 1, from 530615 p.m. in Room 310 ABDE of

be an angel volunteer b y s u s a n b r u b a k e r k n a p p i q a v p o f p u b l i c s e r v i c e t hey work tirelessly behind the scenes and in the spotlights with the winners, at the Angel des

want to volunteer This year, volunteers are needed to work Oct. 2426 and Oct. 31Nov. 4. Contact to get a form where you can note the hours you are available to work. You can also

T H E 2 0 1 2 Q u I lT s A w o R l D o F b E A u T y J u D g E D s H o w s P o n s o R s 94,250 in nonpurchase cash awards Note Click on a companys logo to visit their website The Handi Quilter Bes

NEW AWARD SPONSOR The Future of Quilting Award OmnigridNew Sponsor 1,000 Each Category Award Totals 2,000 1,000 for first place, 700 for second, and 300 for third o Sp EW or N ns ArtAbstract, Larg

winners gallery Miniature fiRSt PLaCE M O N O C H R O M AT I C 14 x 14 by K UMIKO F RYDL of Houston, Texas, USA. Original design. 18 Photo by Jim Lincoln

CatEGORY SPONSOREd BY PELLON Artists Statement I designed this pattern without deciding what color I would use. I visited Japan soon after the great earthquake of 2011 and I could feel the sadness an

Miniature SECONd PLaCE GOLDEN SNOWFLAKE 20 x 20 by R ENAE H ADDADIN of Sandy, Utah, USA. Original design, embroidery pattern from OESD Christmas Collection. Quilting with JoAnn Hoffman tooled leather

CatEGORY SPONSOREd BY PELLON Artists Statement I was challenged to use my new computerized component for my Innova longarm. H addadin first started quilting about ten years ago because she thought

Miniature tHiRd PLaCE SQUARE IN A SQUARE I 14 x 14 by D IANE L OOMIS of Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA. Pieced design inspired by an antique quilt in the collection of the Shelburne Museum, published

CATEGORY SpOnSOREd bY pEllOn Artists Statement This small quilt was inspired by the Concentric Squares quilt exhibited at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. The colors of the original quilt made my eye

Miniature HONORaBLE MENtiON UN PETIT PEU DE NOUVEAU 15 x 15 by R OBIN G AUSEBECK . Original design. 24

CatEGORY SPONSOREd BY PELLON Artists Statement Art Nouveau designs and motifs have always fascinated me, and my original design is an interpretation of these motifs. This was my first miniature quilt

winners gallery digital imagery fiRSt PLaCE R E F R A C T E D L I LY 27.5 x 20 by G LORIA H ANSEN of East Windsor, New Jersey, USA. Original design. 26

CatEGORY SPONSOREd BY Ct PUBLiSHiNG Artists Statement One morning, I saw a single water lily catching light beams that refracted different colors. It captured my attention with its serenity and beaut

digital imagery SECONd PLaCE OHM 41 x 44 by M ARILYN WALL of West Union, South Carolina, USA. Original design. 28

CatEGORY SPONSOREd BY Ct PUBLiSHiNG Artists Statement Two photographs were manipulated and merged in Photoshop Elements for the final image that was printed on fabric. I printed four sheets 7.5 x 40

digital imagery tHiRd PLaCE N E W Y O R K S C E N E S J O H N J AY PA R K IN WINTER 21.5 x 28 by T ERRI G AVIN of New York, New York, USA. Original design. 30

CatEGORY SPONSOREd BY Ct PUBLiSHiNG Artists Statement I love New York and when it snows, it is beautiful. I took this picture of John Jay Park right after the February storm this year. G avin, who

from the iqa library b y s t e v i i g r a v e s Our first allDVD column Grab the popcorn... Natural Wonders Kathy McNeil Walrus Designs 80 min., 20 In this DVD, Kathy uses an unusual approach to te

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW first PlaceMerit Quilting, Hand Category sponsored by flynn Quilt frame Company V I N T A G E VA L U E S 4 3 X 43 by L INDA R OY of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Original

The 2011 IQA JUDGED SHOW First PlaceMixed Technique Category sponsored by Robert Kaufman Co., Inc. TEA TIME AROUND THE ROSES 78.75 X 78.75 by T OSHIKO S HIMADA of TakaichiGun, Nara, Japan. Orig