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ADMISSIONS CATALOG BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Law and the society that it upholds are always changing. To thrive in this dynamic climate demands that a lawyer not only understand theory, et

BAYLO At Baylor, we teach you how to practice law. Were more than just a graduate school focused on theoretical ideas were a professional school that combines theory with practice and nurtures a comm

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Small by Choice Intimate Classroom Experience Despite the volume of applications we receive each yearmore than 4,500 submission

BAYLO Were turning out leaders here whether youre going into trial work, Congress, transactional work or business. Were not interested in turning out paper pushers. Were interested in turning out peo

ADMISSIONS CATALOG BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Judge Ken Starr Dean Brad Toben says, Judge Starr has it alla commanding intellect, a gracious and affirming demeanor, a distinguished record n

Why Baylor Law BAYLO We Practice What We Teach Members of the Baylor faculty are accomplished scholars and practitioners, most with significant experience in fulltime practice before joining the fac

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law The Diversity of our Student Body BAYLOR diverse family representing more than 35 states and 150 undergraduate institutions. LAW SCHOOL but were a With a small enro

Representing over 150 Undergraduate Institutions Abilene Christian University American University Angelo State University Arizona State University Auburn University Austin College Ball State Universit

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law Flexible Quarter System BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Youll find the quarter system allows you to create an individualized roadmap for your degree with its inherent flexibility

BAYLO All students must complete the required firstyear curriculum prior to enrolling in upperclass courses. A Look at Your First Year FALL STARTERS first quarter fall LARC Part I 1.5 hours Civil

ADMISSIONS CATALOG BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Baylor Law Schools law library sits on the banks of the Brazos River. It provides plenty of calm and quiet places for focused study, even durin

Why Baylor Law BAYLO First Class Facilities The campus building where you attend law school may not seem like a pressing issue right now. But after spending more than a few hours in the library, ami

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law Theory Practice The very nature of our small class size, BAYLOR LAW SCHOOLexperienced faculty and practical curriculum will provide you with numerous opportunities

95 Bar Passage Rate The best results of combining theory practice An unmatched bar passage rate among all Texas law schools Ed Cloutman, Jaworski Scholar Twelve AfricanAmerican workers for a majo

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Curriculum Brief Baylor stands at the forefront of practiceoriented law schools because plans at other institutions, Baylors curriculum requires concerted learning from you through

BAYLO 80 in the fall to allow for as much interaction with faculty and fellow students as possible. In the second and third years, students are exposed to increasingly complicated and technical issue

ADMISSIONS CATALOG The Art of Persuasion confident. LAW believes that the BAYLORBaylor Law SCHOOLtools A good lawyer is competent, prepared, and the techniques of presenting a case before a jury so t

BAYLO Negotiation Competition. Because of its standing as one of the top advocacy programs in the nation, Baylor Law is consistently invited to the prestigious Tournament of Champions. Baylor Law Sch

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Public Service and Legal Aid reasons, but many are drawn to the idea BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL of joining Baylor students enter law school for numerous to the greater good. Most importantl

BAYLO Ask yourself, Am I prepared to serve others As lawyers, we meet people in their hour of greatest need. Their family interests may be at stake, their property, their business, maybe even their c

ADMISSIONS CATALOG BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Angela Cruseturner, Director of Career Development Career Development Career development at Baylor Law doesnt start your third year, when your

BAYLO Life after Law School With the intimate size of our student body, Baylor Law alums enjoy tight connections with their friendsturnedcolleagues all across the country. Whether working in private

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Financial Aid 1. 2. 3. As such, we take our seriously BAYLOR LAWresponsibility educationto be goodWe can directyour tuition dollars to provide SCHOOL possible. stewards of you to a

BAYLO Federal Work Study Students can apply for workstudy positions across the entire Baylor campus and may work up to 20 hours per week after their first year. Generous Scholarship and Fellowship P

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Top 10 things we love about Waco BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL urban appeal. Were an hour and a half between Dallas, blend of quiet, laidback living with modern, Baylor Law School is located i

BAYLO 6. 7. 9. 7. Cameron Park. We take it for granted, but weve got one of the largest municipal parks in Texas with 416 acres of natural beauty. Its winding with hike and bike trails, making it

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Applying to Baylor Law School admission BAYLORprocess are SCHOOL LAW an applicants cumulative undergraduate grade point average and LSAT score. Baylor Law Schools admission process

BAYLO We really will read your Personal Statement. We encourage all applicants to submit a Personal Statement, which should be approximately two to three pages in length, doublespaced. You may use a

ADMISSIONS CATALOG What are you waiting for Apply Now Application Deadlines Submit your application and other required materials as early as possible. Fall Quarter 2013 SCHOOL BAYLOR LAW Early Decisi

The best belong at BAYLOR. Baylor University School of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.