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ADMISSIONS CATALOG Law and the society that it upholds are always changing. Thriving in this dynamic climate demands that lawyers not only understand theory, ethics, and legal doctrine, but also are

At Baylor, we teach you how to practice law. We are more than just a graduate school focused on theoretical ideas we are a professional school that combines theory with practice and nurtures a commitm

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Small by Choice Intimate Classroom Experience Despite the volume of applications we receive each year, we make the choice to enroll approximately

Were turning out leaders here whether youre going into trial work, Congress, transactional work, or business. Were not interested in turning out paper pushers. Were interested in turning out people wh

BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL ADMISSIONS CATALOG Judge Ken Starr Dean Brad Toben says, Judge Starr has it alla commanding intellect, a gracious and affirming demeanor, a distinguished record not only in the leg

Why Baylor Law We Practice What We Teach Members of the Baylor Law faculty are accomplished scholars and practitioners, most with significant experience in fulltime practice before joining the facult

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law The Diversity of Our Student Body Baylor Law School students come from all walks of life, from an array of undergraduate institutions, and from all over the map. Ye

Diverse Opportuntities There are a number of student organizations in which our students become involved. These organizations, under the umbrella of the Student Bar Association, range from political g

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law Flexible Quarter System Youll find that the quarter system allows you to create an individualized roadmap for your degree with its inherent flexibility and creativi

All students must complete the required firstyear curriculum prior to enrolling in upperclass courses. A Look at Your First Year FALL STARTERS first quarter fall LARC Part I 1.5 hours Civil Procedu

BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL ADMISSIONS CATALOG Baylor Law Schools library sits on the banks of the Brazos River. The library provides many calm and quiet places for focused study, even during busy finals week

Why Baylor Law FirstClass Facilities The quality of the building where you attend law school may not seem like a pressing issue right now. However, after spending more than a few hours in the buildin

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Why Baylor Law Theory Practice The very nature of our small class size, experienced faculty, and practical curriculum will provide you with numerous opportunities to develop and

95 Bar Passage Rate The best results of combining theory practice An unmatched bar passage rate among all Texas law schools Ed Cloutman, Jaworski Scholar Twelve AfricanAmerican workers for a majo

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Curriculum Brief Baylor Law stands at the forefront of practiceoriented law schools, because it doesnt deviate from its singular mission to teach and equip lawyers to practice law

faculty and fellow students as possible. In their second and third years, students are exposed to increasingly complicated and technical issues as they move closer to graduation and the need to be pre

ADMISSIONS CATALOG The Art of Persuasion A good lawyer is competent, prepared, and confident. Baylor Law believes that the tools addition, you learn the techniques of presenting a case before a jury

the National Sports Law Negotiation Competition. Because of its standing as one of the top advocacy programs in the nation, Baylor Law is consistently invited to the prestigious Tournament of Champion

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Public Service and Legal Aid Baylor Law students enter law school for numerous reasons, but many are drawn to the and recognize their contributions for the greater good. Most impor

Ask yourself, Am I prepared to serve others As lawyers, we meet people in their hour of greatest need. Their family interests may be at stake, their property, their business, maybe even their civil li

BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL ADMISSIONS CATALOG Angela Cruseturner Assistant Dean of Career Development Daniel Hare Director of Career DevelopmentEmployee Relations Career Development Career development at

Life after Law School With the intimate size of our student body, Baylor Law alumni enjoy tight connections with their friendsturnedcolleagues all across the country. Whether working in private practi

ADMISSIONS CATALOG Top 10 Things We Love about Waco Baylor Law School is located in Waco, Texas, on the banks of the Brazos River. Life in Waco is a blend of quiet, laidback living and modern, urban

6. 1. 7. 9. Waco International Airport. You think were kidding, but were in love with this airport. The Waco Airport offers free parking and is less than 15 minutes from the Law School, relieving yo

ADMISSIONS CATALOG What Are You Waiting for Apply Now Application Deadlines Submit your application and other required materials as early as possible. Spring Quarter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Questions Contact us. Baylor Law School Sheila Walter Umphrey Law Center 1114 South University Parks Drive One Bear Place 97288 Waco, Texas 76798 254.710.2529 www.facebook.comg

BAYLOR LAW SCHOOL Sheila Walter Umphrey Law Center 1114 South University Parks Drive One Bear Place 97288 Waco, Texas 76798 The Best Belong at BAYLOR LAW. Baylor University School of Law is accredi