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Private ColleCtions Palm BeaCh 7 may 2015 A.B. Levys Over 100 Lots Offered Without Reserve Private ColleCtions 1

2 a.B. levys

Private ColleCtions Private ColleCtions 3

AuctiOn thursday may 7, 2015 200 pm AuctiOn And ExhibitiOn LOcAtiOn a.B. levys 211 Worth avenue Palm Beach, Fl 33480 561.835.9139 ExhibitiOn saturday may 2 1000am600pm sunday may 3 100

A.B. Levys Auction thursday may 7, 2015 200 pm Auction Location a.B. levys 211 Worth avenue Palm Beach, Fl 33480 Viewings a.B. levys 211 Worth avenue Palm Beach, Fl 33480 saturday may 2 1000am600pm su

1 siXtyFive PieCe venetian enamel DeCorateD transParent Glass Part Dinner serviCe each decorated and with gilt highlights comprised of thirteen red wines, twelve champagnes, fourteen white wines, thir

2 3 Private ColleCtions 7

4 a Pair oF FrenCh 18th19th CentUry loUis Xvistyle Gilt BronZe moUnteD White marBle CovereD Urns CanDle stiCKs each with berried finial lid above a vessel mounted with three goat heads raised on anima

6 Private ColleCtions 9

7 no reserve a Fine Pair oF FrenCh late 19th CentUry loUis XvstyleGilt BronZe FoUr liGht CanDelaBra late 19th CentUry each with a baluster central stem issuing four scrolling branches each terminating

9 Private ColleCtions 11

10 no reserve BaCCarat CUt Glass vase taBle lamP a Baccarat Cut Glass and Gilt Bronze table Lamp, Second Half 20th Century, flanked by swan handles on a gilt bronze Base vase 33.75 cm high13.5 high 1

13 no reserve a FrenCh emPire style ormolU moUnteD vitrine the vitrine above a pair of cupboard doors opening to an interior fitted for one shelf. 96 cm wide, 31cm deep,210 cm high 38.75 wide, 12.5dee

15 loUis Xv style tole Peinte hanGinG FoUrliGht ChanDelier CirCa 1920 the cylindrical body with later concave glazed panels, surmounted by an exaggerated crown, the whole embellished with meandering v

16 15 19 17 18 20 21 22 23 Private ColleCtions 15

24 no reserve a FrenCh silver DeCanter stanD mark of louisJoseph Bouty, 17941809. the stand circular on four ball feet, the gallery with a pierced Greek key pattern, supporting a frame on eight female

25 Private ColleCtions 17

26 ProPerty Formerly From the ColleCtion oF James GolDman, ny set oF ten royal CoPenhaGen Flora DaniCa PorCelain lUnCheon Plates 8 34 inch number 3550, variously marked, also titled. Diameter 8 34 in.

27 6 pieces this page Private ColleCtions 19

28 ProPerty Formerly From the ColleCtion oF James GolDman, siX royal CoPenhaGen Flora DaniCa PorCelain Dinner Plates, 10 inches, number 3549, with various marks, also titled. Diameter 10 inches. 3,000

29 30 Private ColleCtions 21

31 William iv leatherUPholstereD mahoGany armChair second quarter 19th century, the rectangular tufted back of serpentine outline with molded stiles, the arms terminating in scrolls, the rectangular b

35 miCromosaiC mirror, italian 19th CentUry with a rectangular mirrorplate within a micomosaic border, pediment with bridge scene above raised micro mosaic floral base, all with glass mounts. 67.5 cm

36 Fine italian BaroQUe GeorGe ii PorPhoyryinset Carrera, sienna anD BreCCiateD rosso marBle Console circa 17401760 the rectangular top above two scrollcarved trestle supports, ending in massive lion

36 Private ColleCtions 25

37 37 larGe italian CarveD alaBaster anD marBle FiGUre oF a yoUnG DanCinG GyPsy, CirCa 1900 unsigned, with white veined mottled orange alabaster pantaloons and a jacket, one hand held aloft with a bun

Private ColleCtions 27

39 39 ProPerty From the ColleCtion oF a Palm BeaCh laDy Fine loUis Xvi style tUliPWooD anD FrUitWooD marQUetry ormolU moUnteD mahoGany BUreaU Plat, GervismaXimilieneUGene DUranD Circa 1875 the unders

40 the Birth oF venUs. a larGe ivory CUP anD Cover, ProBaBly soUth German, thirD QUarter oF the 19th CentUry in historismus taste, the cylindrical bowl carved with tritons and nereids sporting among a

41 steinWay sons GranD Piano, moDel a,1910, loUis Xv style serial number 142716 the parcel gilt mahogany case carved with scrolls and shells, patent for overstrung scale, Dec. 1859, with various addi

42 Continental sChool, 18th19th CentUry after Boucher, three Female allegorical Figures unsigned oil on canvas overall 51 in. by 66 in. approx. 1,0002,000 43 larGe very Fine Berlin K.P.m. PorCelain P

45 William iv anGloinDian tilttoP roseWooD triPoD taBle CirCa 1835 the circular top above an apron variously carved with a meandering fruiting grape vine or stylized leaves and lappets, the baluster s

45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 Private ColleCtions 33

57 no reserve FrenCh FaienCe Floral PainteD tWohanDleD vase 18th19th CentUry in the manner of Paul hannong, strasbourg. of baluster form with loop handles, a circular base and square plinth, with appl

59 Private ColleCtions 35

60 alFreD Jean Foretay 18611944 a large marble bust of a lady, velle dasigned alFreD Jean Foretay 66 cm high 26.4 27 inches 3,0005,000 60 36 a.B. levys

60A tWo ContemPorary CarveD marBle anD harD stone BirDs each perched upon rock work. height 18 12 in. , 12 in. 400800 61 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor Five tim Cotteri

63 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor Pair oF ContemPorary italian internally DeCorateD Glass taBle items probably murano, signed., each separate yet interlocking blown and s

65 66 67 Private ColleCtions 39

68 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor John BreKKe, ContemPorary Glass FooteD BoWl initialed JB, dated 90, of circular form, in tones of brown and black, internally marked wit

69 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor ContemPorary internally strUCtUreD anD DeCorateD Glass sPhere signed, dated and inscribed, Peter Bramhall, 19th april, 1992, help from a

74 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor Pair oF teXtUreD PUrPle to FUsChia GlaZeD CeramiC CovereD vessels each of stylized pyramid form, the conforming lid with a nautilus shri

75 76 Private ColleCtions 43

77 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor teXtUreD CeramiC liDDeD vase unsigned, the compressed spherical body on a tall cylindrical tapered foot, decorated with Japanese inspire

80 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor three assorteD lavenDer or aQUa stoPPereD Glass vessels unsigned, each variously shaped body with a stylized tendril or leaf stopper, on

83 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor Fine internally DeCorateD mUltiColoreD milliFlore anD Cane BoWl probably venetian, murano, signed nowak, numbered, the transparent sea g

84 Private ColleCtions 47

85 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor three ContemPorary mUltiColoreD FloraForm stem CUPs unsigned, each pink, yellow or blue variously shaped tulipform bowl set upon a slend

89 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor larGe Green, yelloW anD reD varnisheD FooteD BoWl the transparent bottlegreen tapered body on a baluster stem above a circular foot the

93 Carlo Canevari 19221996 nUns signed Carlo Canevari lower right oil on board 17 x 8.25 in.42.5 x 20.62 cm. stamped on reverse FlorenCe art Gallery 3. via tornabuoniFlorenCe italy 7001,000 94 GUstav

96 ClaUDe laZar, FrenCh, B. 1947 Cafe express, 1996 signed C. lazar, lower right in red oil on canvas 38 14 in. by 51 14 in. 3,0005,000 96 Private ColleCtions 51

97 roBert morris Donley american, b. 1934 Black magic maker, 1984 initialed rD, dated 84, frame numbered D614 oil on linen canvas14 12 by 24 12 in., in the original artists painted frame. 7001,000 Pro

98 Private ColleCtions 53

99 raoUl DUFy French, 18771955 three ascot race sketches, circa 1950 unsigned pencil on paper, framed as one the reverse with a Wildenstein Co., inc. lable, numbered 6768with additional notations and

100 steinWay series l 1937 GranD Piano serial number 289561 length 5 1012 179 cm Width 58 148 cm net Weight 610 pounds 277 kg made entirely from hard rock maple 14 laminations continuous bent, both in

101 56 a.B. levys

101 rene laliQUe BaCChantes a yellow glass vase mounted on a self illuminating bronze base,cast with stylized oak leaves. , model introduced 1927 marcilhac 997 9.5 in. 23.75 cm. high wheelcarved rene

103 Cleve Gray ameriCan, 19182004 swinging 1981 signed, dated and titled on the reverse acrylic on canvas 60 by 60 in. 5,0008,000 Cleve Gray, as did so many of the First and second Generation abstract

103A Joan marti, sPanish, 19362009 view of st. nicholas alumbra signed lower left oil on canvas 23 by 28 in. 2,0004,000 104 Joan marti 19362009 FortUny selF Portrait signed and dated lower right oil

105 riChmonD Barthe 19011989 the lovers 1967 Bronze with reddishbrown patina signed Barthe and numbered 16 stamped moDern art FDry n.y. approx. 20 h mounted on original twotier wood swivel base prob

106 ProPrty oF a Palm BeaCh Gentleman loUis iCart 18881950 Une soiree Des Femmessigned loUis iCart lower left oil on masonite 19.8 x 24 in.49.5 x 60 cm. 10,00015,000 Provenance nathen Daniel isen 106

107 sChneiDer monUmental Glass vase CirCa 1925 a monumental internally Decorated and applied Glass twohandled vase, circa 1925 20 in. 50 cm. high signed schneider 4,0006,000 108 annee GooDChilD ameri

108 Private ColleCtions 63

108A Petion savain, haitian, 19061975 marketplace, 1960 signed, dated lower left, savin, haiti, 60 oil on board 24 by 40 in. 8001,200 109 ProPerty From a Private ColleCtion, Palm BeaCh GarDens moses

108a 109 110 111 112 113 116a 117 115 116 114 118 Private ColleCtions 65

119 GraCiela roDo BoUlanGer Bolivian, B. 1935 UntitleD pending researchsigned G. rodo Boulanger lower right with edition 18100 lower left lithograph in colors 19 12 by 25 in. 49.5 by 63.5 cm. 1,5004,5

119 119a 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 126a 127a Private ColleCtions 67

128 no reserve Charel theoDore Perron 18621934 A bisque figure of a girl, signed Ch. Perron 40 cm high16 high 300500 131 tWo Pair oF italian savona BlUe White CeramiC alBerelli 17th18th century, the f

133 Continental PatinateD BronZe FiGUral GroUP oF Caesar anD CleoPatra late 19th century, signed Gautier Diteur, each figure seated and engaged in an embrace, in elegant classical robes, now mounted a

135 Continental White PorCelain GroUP oF Diana in PUrsUit oF aCteon anD tWo aDDitional CeramiC sCUlPtUres mid 20th century, incised on the base with a cypher and signed Bezel, Diana on horseback with

138 set oF eiGht QUeen ann style WalnUt siDeChairs With a shaped padded back and seat, on cabriole legs with acanthus carved knees and pad feet. 3,0005,000 139 reGenCy style staineD WooD CirCUlar eXt

140 stella Brevete 17 inCh DisC inlaiD WalnUt mUsiC BoX swiss, circa 1875, the rectangular molded case with a marquetry panel on the underside of the lid, engaged stiles and bronze carrying handles, w

142 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor maitlanD smith Brass anD stone veneereD satinWooD Gentlemans DressinG BoX anD a FaUX shaGreen eXamPle both modern, the first with hinge

145 FoUr native ameriCan Pottery vessels comprising three red pottery Jemez geometric or feather decorated vessels and a Navaho stylized feather and butterfly red pottery seed jar, all signed. height

147A henry valentine miller, american,18911980 Portrait of two Women, 1969 signed, dated, lower mid center, henry miller, 869 water color on heavy paper 17 by 22 in. site, 276 by 31 in. framed 2,0003,

148 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor laUrie BenDer, ameriCan Desert Blooms signed watercolor on paper 33 by 25 in. site 46 by 37 in. overall 1,0002,000 Provenance Purchased

151 148 149a 153 149 150 152 154 Private ColleCtions 77

155 Pair oF aUstrian neoClassiCal marBle toP Part eBoniZeD FrUitWooD PeDestals early to mid 19th century the circular black marble tops above a plain frieze supported on tapering posts headed by terms

156 no reserve Pair oF German roCoCo style PainteD PorCelain taBle stanDs meissen 19th Century each of scalloped circular form with raised blossom motif, reserved with a courting couple in a landscape

159 Pair oF ameriCan GothiC revival oaK armChairs Circa 1860 each upholstered high pointed back, with carved spires and turned uprights, the upholstered seat flanked by turned arms, on tapered bobbint

161A ProPerty oF a Palm BeaCh Gentleman a FrenCh ProvinCial loUis Xvi style marBle toP oCCasional taBle of circular form, set with a mottled grey marble top, raised on four cabriole legs joined by a p

163 loUis XvXvi BronZe moUnteD marBle toP ParQUetry CommoDe, Circa 1770 signed Pe.., Jme mostly indistinct,the gray and white mottled marble top above a conforming tulipwood and kingwood parquetry cas

163 164 164a 165 166 167 168 169 170 Private ColleCtions 83

170A saleh moUallem, ameriCan, B. 19212014 new life, late 20th century striated red marble initialed s.m. on the lower left side height 23 12 in., Width 8 12 in.,overall 26 in. 8001,200 171 Jean Kevo

173 Graham heDGes, British Frigate on stormy seas, 1975 manner of montague Dawson signed l.r. the reverse also signed, dated inscribed, london england, harrods Dept. store oil on canvas 14 by 18 in.,

175A no reserve an emPirestyleGilt BronZe three liGht CanDelaBralamP now electrified , metal shade. 20th century 50cm high20 high 300500 176 Fine viCtorian Brass anD oaK triPoD telesCoPe Circa 1880,

178 Ken orton, British, b. 1951 tlas tlas, 2009 canvas reverse, signed K.orton, dated, titled and inscribed 20909, venice, Fl. oil on canvas 36 by 54 in. 2,0003,000 Cf. Ken orton was born in mancheste

180 Formerly the ColleCtion oF James GolDman, ny set oF FoUr Danish GeorG Jensen silver Demitasse sPoons anD eleven other assorteD silver Demitasse sPoons including a set of six english spoons, hallma

183 Formerly the ColleCtion oF James GolDman, ny italian BUCCellati siXteen PieCe tahitian silver CaPeD Part FlatWare serviCe hallmarked, with silver caps and bamboo handles, comprising 4 dinner knive

188 Formerly the ColleCtion oF James GolDman, ny very Fine anD eXtensive set oF FrenCh silver FlateWare Paris, mainly 19th century, makers mark l.G., retailed by James robinson, ny, comprising 24 stee

189 italian BUCCellati siXtytWo PieCe sterlinG silver Part FlatWare serviCe, torChon signed, comprising 6 dinner knives, 6 dinner forks, 6 luncheon knives, 4 luncheoin forks, 6 fish knives, 4 fish for

190 GroUP oF assorteD eUroPean anD ameriCan Glass taBle items anD a Pair oF staFForDshire earthenWare Dalmations 20th century, including a French red overlaid and cut clear glass box, a silver overlai

193 Formerly the ColleCtion oF James GolDman, ny set oF eleven moser CoBalt CUt to Clear Glass WinesGoBlets anD siX BaCCarat CUtGlass White Wines 20th century, the moser examples marked on the undersi

195 Formerly the ColleCtion oF James GolDman, ny Pair oF enGlish viCtorian BloWn Glass DeCanters With stoPPers 19th century, each slightly flared cylindrical body with conforming blown ribs, with a ta

195 196 197 199 198 200 201 202 203 Private ColleCtions 95

203A no reserve Pair FrenCh Giltmetal anD CarveD WooD tWoliGht sConCes each with scrolling arms, centered by eagles and surmounted by ribbonfinials. Height 44 inches. 300500 204 no reserve artDeCo st

205A no reserve very larGe anD Fine ameriCan renaissanCe Pier mirror new york, 19th Century a parcel ebonized and porcelain mounted giltwood Pier mirror, possibly the workshop of Pottier and stymus. t

208 no reserve Pair emPire style GiltBronZe anD marBle taBle lamPs Pair marble and giltbronze table lamps and shades.height of object 23 and 25 12 in., Height with fittings 33 and 34 in.Height of obje

209 no reserve olD aUCtion 021915 lot 144aenGlish staineD Pine naUtiCalthemeD Gentlemans WarDroBe thirdquarter 19th century, probably englishthe rectangular overhanging top above a pair of panelinset

212 no reserve FoUr BelGian art noUveaU enamel DeCorateD earthenWare vessels Circa 1920, comprising a circular jardiniere with tendrils in yellow and turquoise on a cream crackel ground, the underside

212 213 215 216 217 218 220 219 219a 220a Private ColleCtions 101

asian Works of art Lots 221282 102 a.B. levys

251 Pair Private ColleCtions 103

221 a very larGe Pair oF JaDe vases Chinese, 20th CentUry Each carved in relief with scroll detail, flanked by mask handles supporting loose rings, the conforming cover flanked by loose rings and surm

222 a larGe JaDe GUanyin Chinese, 20th CentUry In upright position, wearing flowing robes, carrying various attributes, atop a lotus flower. 30 in. 75 cm. high with carved wood stand 4,0007,000 222 P

223 WooD FiGUre oF GUanyin Chinese the guanyin shown standing atop a rockwork base, wearing loose robes falling in graceful folds around the body, the left arm extended and resting atop the bent left

224 mah JonGG set Chinese, late QinG Dynasty mah Jongg set with numerous ivoryBamboo pieces in a brass and wood box with 5 drawers full of game pieces. 6.5 in. 16.25 cm. high 2,0003,000 224 Private

225 no reserve Fine JaDe Belt BUCKle Chinese Carved in high relief and open work with a sinuous chilong, the terminal with thehead of a chilong 4 in. 10 cm. length 400700 226 JaDe FiGUre oF GUanyin C

226 225 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 Private ColleCtions 109

234 massive CarveD ivory Celestial CarriaGe Chinese 20th Century. Pulled by two dragons among clouds carrying a driver and Guanyin seated below a canopy on a tiled base with corner gallery. length 35

234 Private ColleCtions 111

235 a rare PinKGroUnD Famillerose PorCelain JarDiniere Chinese, seal marK anD PerioD oF JiaQinG 17961820 robustly potted, the tall upright lobed wall divided into 16 rectangular sections, each panel d

235 Private ColleCtions 113

236 imPortant oCtaGon rUtyPe loBeD PorCelain vase QianlonG siXCharaCter seal marKs anD oF the PerioD 173695 the compressed spherical body on a high slightly splayed foot and surmounted by tall ribbed

235 Private ColleCtions 115

237 a BronZe inCense BUrnerChinese,han Dynasty 206 BCaD 220 the wide round stand is raised on three stylized feet. the slightly domed cover has a birdform finial and is decorated with several hills ab

250 Pair oF JaPanese PatinateD BronZe FiGUres oF men With sWorDs anD a JaPanese Demon Circa 1900, the men wearing robes. Height the first 6 in., second 8 in. 600800 251 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl

256 ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor Chinese harD stone moUnteD, motheroFPearl inlaiD BlaCK laCQUer eiGhtFolD sCreen modern, signed upper left panel, with a continuos scene

260A ProPerty From a Palm BeaCh, Fl. anD GreenWiCh, Ct. ColleCtor Pair oF Chinese honGmU siDe taBles each molded square top with a shaped skirt, on straight legs joined by a pierced cracked ice platfo

266 Chinese DeCo CarveD, PainteD anD Part Gilt DisPlayeD Fan Circa 1940, painted light green, each pleat with a gilt and carved scroll. height 36 in., length 58 in. 300500 267 ProPerty From a Palm Be

266 267 268 276 277 278 280 283 281 282 Private ColleCtions 121

7998 Gia CertiFieD 3.65 Carat DiamonD rinG the ring centered by a round brilliantcut Fancy Deep BlueGreen Diamond weighting 3.65 carats accented by marquise and pearshape diamonds weighing approximate

8002 laDys GolD hanDBaG, early 20th CentUry the meshwork depicting a checkered pattern in two tone 9 karat gold, with two cabochon sapphires at the clasp, measuring approximately 6 by 5 inches, london

8004 Pair oF amethyst earCliPs mounted in 14 karat gold 7001,000 8005 Zenith el Primero steel selFWinDinG meChaniCal WristWatCh With BraCelet a sapphire, 50 hour power reserve, 36,000 vph, with a bla

8007 PlatinUm anD DiamonD rinG Centered by a rectangular modified brilliantcut diamond weighing 4.47 carats, flanked by modified triangular brilliantshaped diamonds weighing 2.10 carats. accompanied b

8010 DiamonD rinG set with a heartshaped diamond weighing 1.83 carats, surrounded by numerous diamonds, mounted in Platinum, gr wt approx 5.1 dwts size 5 12. accompanied by Gia report no.2155644902 st

8013 Pair oF roCK Crystal anD DiamonD earCliPs maUBoUssin mounted in 18 karat gold , signed mauboussin Paris 0082 gr wt approx 23 dwts 3,0005,000 8014 CUltUreD Pearl anD DiamonD ChoKer Composed of fi

8016 18K GolD anD DiamonD earCliPs saBBaDini 81 brilliant cut diamonds approx 2.80 cts,gr wt approx 12.6 dwts stamped sabbadini made in italy 4,0007,000 8017 tWo Fine emeralD CUt DiamonDs one emerald

8017 Private ColleCtions 129

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