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A.B. Levys PALM BEACH Fine Art, AntiqueS, 20th Century Sunday OCTOBER 26, 2014 100 PM Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 1

PALM BEACH Fine Art, AntiqueS, 20th Century FEaTuRInG THE ESTaTE FROM a PROMInanT PaLM BEaCH COLLECTOR and THE ESTaTE OF CHaRLES HEndERSOn AuCtiOn in PALM BeACh 26 OCtOBer 2014 l 100 PM Property of v

A.B. Levys auction 1pm Sunday, October 26, 2014 Lots 1443 Auction Location 211 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480 Viewing Monday October 20 1000am600pm tuesday October 21 1000am600pm Wednesday October

4 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

Index Carl Frederik Aagaard 1833 1895, 344 yaccov Agam b. 1928, 326 Konrad Alexander 1855 1914, 341 Jay Arnold 20th century, 312 Philippe Auge b. 1935, 330, 331 Paul Albert Baudouin 18441931, 346 how

PaLM BEaCH FInE aRT, anTIQuES, 20TH CEnTuRy 6 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 FEaTuRInG THE ESTaTE FROM a PROMInanT PaLM BEaCH COLLECTOR Lots 1200

Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 7

1 1 tWeLve MintOn FOX huntinG POrCeLAin PLAteS 20th century retailed by Ovingtons, new york, with Minton factory Globe, and retailer in under glaze puce, the center recess decorated with varied episo

2 2 Fine MintOn MOnuMentAL MAJOLiCA CiStern circa 1875 Modeled by Piereemile Jeannest, the cobalt blue oval basin with removable reeded liner centering a patera and with an upper border of stylized s

3 3 Fine eDWArDiAn SiLverMOunteD tOrtOiSeSheLL Seven PieCe DreSSinG Set circa 1891 London, Charles and George Aspry. each silver inlaid with a monogram, festoons, and arabesques on a tortoiseshell gro

5 5 tWO SiMiLAr enGLiSh SiLver MOunteD enGineturneD enAMeL DreSSinG SetS the first, London, circa 18961916. Compromising of a fivepiece set, with a rose spray on a white ground, comprising of a hand

7 partial view 8 7 eurOPeAn SiLver AnD SiLK eMBrOiDereD ALtAr CLOth 18th century and later Divided into three sections, each with an allover pattern of delicately worked silver and silk treads to de

8a PAir OF vintAGe Green StAineD CrOCODiLe LeAther PiCture FrAMeS AnD A BrOWn CrOCODiLe LeAther FrAMe the pair circa 19501960 Of rectangular form, with white stitching at the edges the brown frame als

9a 9a AMeriCAn SiLverMOunteD enGineturneD enAMeL Cut GLASS SiXPieCe DreSSinG Set circa 1880 Foster Bailey, Providence, ri, some hallmarked F B Sterling 1923, others FB within a flag, Sterling Pat.

11 PAir OF AuBuSSOn PAneLS, nOW FitteD AS PiLLOWS the panels 18th19th century Depicting either a woman seated before a tree or a hunter with bow and arrow the pillows with a brown velvet backing and f

13 13 PAir OF enGLiSh PAinteD POrCeLAin BOtAniCAL urnFOrM LAMPS mid 19th century the tapered body painted with a flower stem on both the front and reverse, on a beige ground, with tapering angled han

14 14 Fine PAir OF enGLiSh PAinteD POrCeLAin urnFOrM LAMPS circa 1860 the tapered urn bodies reserved with landscapes painted en grisaille on an orange ground, the sides with satyr masks and fruited

15 15 FrenCh GiLt BrOnZe MOunteD PAinteD enAMeL On COPPer BOX late 19th century Probably Limoges, one panel signed Gamel, France, a mount signed, A la Marquise de Sevigny, of rectangular form with ca

16 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 19

17 17 Fine LOuiS Xvi StyLe GiLt BrOnZe MOunteD MAhOGAny etAGere circa 1900 the rectangular banded top with notched corners, above two conforming shelves, the upright supports terminating in leaf cast

19 19 GeOrGe iii StyLe inLAiD MAhOGAny AnD SAtinWOOD PeMBrOKe tABLe circa 18901900 edwards roberts, the oval top elaborately inlaid with a patera, urns hung with garlands and banded borders with cur

21 21 FrenCh vieuX PAriS PAinteD POrCeLAin COLuMnAr LAMP second quarter 19th century Paris Porcelain, the Doric column with landscape set on a square base similarly decorated, now raised on a gilt me

22 22 PAir OF AuStriAn neOCLASSiCAL MArBLe tOP PArt eBOniZeD FruitWOOD PeDeStAL tOrChereS early to mid 19th century the circular black marble tops above a plain frieze supported on tapering posts hea

23 23 WiLLiAM iv LeAtheruPhOLStereD MAhOGAny ArMChAir second quarter 19th century the rectangular tufted back of serpentine outline with molded stiles, the arms terminating in scrolls, the rectangula

25 25 neAr PAir OF WiLLiAM iv AnGLOinDiAn tiLttOP rOSeWOOD triPOD tABLeS circa 1835 each circular top above an apron variously carved with a meandering fruiting grape vine or stylized leaves and lapp

26 J. Clark American, 20th century APPrOAChinG ShOre SChOOner At SeA both signed J. Clark oil on board 8 by 10 in. and 16 by 12 in., overall 15 by 17 in. and 23 by 19 in. 20.3 by 25.4 cm and 40.6 by

29 28 29 Set OF tWeLve WeDGeWOOD BrOWn trAnSFer PrinteD AMeriCAn SAiLinG ShiP CerAMiC Dinner PLAteS 20th century each central recess with a different American historical sailing vessel, with title b

31 31 PAinteD Pine BOX AnD An AMeriCAn SAiLOrS vALentine BOX both early 20th century the first with central faade reserved with an British frigate, within a rope border, on later stand the second, wi

32 33 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 29

34 34 unuSuAL StAineD Pine nAutiCALtheMeS GentLeMAnS WArDrOBe thirdquarter 19th century Probably english, the rectangular overhanging top above a pair of panelinset doors, each with two porthole wind

35 35 CAPtAin StrAnGeS MAhOGAny AnD eBOniZeD nAutiCAL MirrOr late 19th century Composed of a mahogany ships wheel with ringturned spindle inset wheel supports and projected baluster handholds for ste

36 36 Brian Coole BritishAmerican, b. 1939 BOStOn hArBOr signed Brian Coole lower right oil on board 19 by 29 12 in., overall 28 by 37 12 in 48.2 by 74.9 cm, overall 71.1 by 95.2 cm 3,0005,000 cf. Al

37 37 Salvatore Colacicco italianBritish, b. 1935 SChOOner On the hiGh SeAS signed lower left oil on board 24 by 30 in., overall 34 by 45 in. 60.9 by 76.2 cm, overall 86.3 by 114.3 cm 1,5002,500 Prov

38 38 Salvatore Colacicco italianBritish, b. 1935 the SOvereiGn OF the SeAS signed lower left, the reverse signed and titled oil on board 23 by 35 in., overall 28 by 40 in. 58.4 by 88.9 cm, overall 7

40 COntinentAL COLD PAinteD White MetAL MODeL OF A 16th Century ShiP early 20th century At sea with sails raised. Possibly viennese. electrified. height 22 in., Width 18 in., Depth 6 14 in. height 55.

42 42 SheLL WOrK BALuSter FOrM LAMP Modern, applied all over with varied shells. height 33 in., height 83.8 cm 300500 43 viCtOriAn SiLver PLAte MOunteD OAK trAy late 19th century Of oblong form with

44 44 tWeLve BOheMiAn enAMeLeD AnD PArCeLGiLt Green GLASS PiLSner veSSeLS early 20th century each painted with a German armorial between gilt bands. height 6 14 in., height 15.8 cm 400600 45 Seven B

46 46 DutCh POLyChrOMe DeCOrAteD DeLFt COW CreAMer early to mid 19th century marked with initials over the number 78097, with a symbol, ion claret script, standing atop a plinth decorated to simulate

48 48 FOurteen enGLiSh POrCeLAin SOuP BOWLS circa 1830 Flight Barr Barr, Worcester, each delicately painted with sprays of roses and wildflowers with a gilt and blue border and a tudor rose molded e

49 147 49 Set OF three venetiAn rOCOCO StyLe GiLt eGLiMOiSe PAneLS circa 1930 each panel with a musician atop a pedestal, within a scrolled and trellis border. height 65 12 in., Width 25 34 in., hei

50 50 Fine reGenCy GiLt BrOnZe tWeLveLiGht ChAnDeLier circa 1820 the circular corona fitted with downwardswept arms and supporting displayed eagles the whole hung from chains affixed to an upper ring

51 51 WiLLiAM iv SiLverPLAteD MirrOreD PLAteAu second quarter 19th century Probably Sheffield, rectangular with rounded corners, will chased with blossoms and fruiting grapevines, above gadrooning, r

53 reGenCy StyLe StAineD WOOD CirCuLAr eXtenSiOn DininG tABLe With turned supports on platform raised on downswept legs, with brass feet on casters, two extra leaves. height 28 12 in., Width extended

55 55 Fine GeOrGe iii MAhOGAny tALL CASe CLOCK circa 1780 Liverpool, england, Finnery, the arched swans neck cornice with dentil molding, above an eglomise gilt vine tympanum, the glazed door enclose

56 56 neAr PAir OF Fine MintOn MAJOLiCA StiCK StAnDS circa 1865 to 1900 Modeled by John henkPaul Comolera, with varied cyphers and indistinct date letter, each heron naturalistically modeled and stan

57 Fine PAir OF MintOn MAJOLiCA LOuiS Xvi turquOiSe JArDiniereS circa 1880 With impressed Minton marks, pattern 766, each spherical jardinire with a lavender interior. height 14 12 in., Width 11 in.,

57 58 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 47

59 59 Fine itALiAn BArOque POrPhyryinSet CArrArA AnD BreCCiAteD MArBLe COnSOLe mid 18th century Probably made for the english market, rectangular above two carrara marble scrollcarved trestle support

60 60 henry John yeend King British, 18551924 GAtherinG POPPieS By the SeA signed, inscribed england 1902 lower right oil on canvas 20 by 30 in., overall 25 by 35 in. 50.8 by 76.2 cm, overall 63.5 by

63 63 Joseph Farington, rA, British, 17471821 COuPLe COnteMPLAtinG ruinS OF rOSLyn CAStLe in A rOMAntiC LAnDSCAPe appears unsigned, with the original inscribed cartouche shaped signature plate oil on

64 64 hans Zatzka Austrian, 18591945 StiLL LiFe With FLOWerS AnD A COCKAtOO the reverse with indistinct inscriptions, signed on a stretcher oil on canvas 30 by 25 in., overall 40 by 34 in. 6,0008,000

65 65 British School British, 20th Century the 12th hOLe, SAint AnDreWS inscribed l.l., St. Andrews 12th hole, Mr. McPhearson Down 2, Scotland oil on canvas 40 by 49 12 in., overall 48 by 60 in. 101.

66 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 53

67 67 George elmer Browne American, 18711946 hArBOr MOOnLiGht signed lower right oil on canvas 32 by 40 in., overall 40 by 47 in. 81.2 by 101.6 cm, overall 101.6 by 119.3 cm 30,00040,000 54 Palm Be

68 68 Marco tobonMejia Latin American, 18761933 yOunG MAiDen With rOSe in A rOSe GArDen signed lower left, with a dedication inscription A mis amigos Buenos C.S. villegas dedico este pegueno requerdo

70 70 Americaneuropean School 20th century SeA CAPtAin AnD GueSt, Five A.M. unsigned oil on canvas 25 by 20 in., overall 33 by 28 in. 63.5 by 50.8 cm overall, 83.8 by 71.1 cm 2,0004,000 71 three OLD

72 73 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 57

74 74 Fine COntinentAL PAinteD enAMeL On COPPer PAneL third quarter 19th century Probably Limoges, signed edward Lavigne, after a painting by the italian Cesare Augusto Detti 18471914, depicting an o

75 75 GerMAn PArCeL GiLt FLOrAL DeCOrAteD POrCeLAin BASin AnD eWer third quarter 19th century the underside marked F.A.S. beneath an eagle, in under glaze blue, decorated with floral sprays. height o

76 60 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

77 76 neAr PAir OF MeiSSen COLOrFuLLy enAMeLeD POrCeLAin MACAWS second quarter 19th century each colorful bird perched on a fruit and leaf encrusted tree stump with rocks, both with mounts for fittin

78 62 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

79 78 FrenCh FAienCe FLOrAL PAinteD tWOhAnDLeD vASe 18th19th century in the manner of Paul hannong, Strasbourg. Of baluster form with loop handles, a circular base and square plinth, with applied and

80 81 80 eMPire StyLe OrMOLu MOunteD MAhOGAny BeDSiDe CABinet late 19th century the rectangular top above a frieze over a tambour and door, flanked by ormolu headed terms, centering a door with large

82 Fine eMPire OrMOLu MOunteD, GiLt WOOD AnD MAhOGAny SLeiGh BeD circa 18001820 the scrolled head board, footboard and sides with ormolu mounts of neoclassical inspiration the headboard with scrolled

84 83 83 tWO PAirS FrenCh BArBOtine GiLtBrOnZe MOunteD FLOrAL MAJOLiCA vASeS late 19th century each similarly decorated with floral blossoms in high relief on either a buff or light blue ground, bot

85 FINE FRENCH DELPHIN MASSier MAJOLiCA MODeL OF A COCKAtOO circa 1885 realistically well modeled and brightly painted, the bird rests between two bamboo stumps, the underside inscribed in black Delph

87 87 Fine COntinentAL POLyChrOMeD MAJOLiCA renAiSSAnCe inSPireD MAnteL CLOCK circa 1870 unmarked, surmounted by two putti dotted with foliage and hung with garlands, the base with a bearded satyr ma

88 88 PAir OF Fine MiniAture BrASS CAnnOnS late 18thearly 19th century each with wellcast barrels, multiple foundry impressions and six circular rings, with a fine coppertoned patina, each now set up

89 89 PAir renAiSSAnCe StyLe POLiSheD irOnSteeL AnDirOnS second half 19th century each with a faceted finial on a shepherds cook upright, hung with ropetwist rings and applied at the sides with Sscro

91 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 71

92 92 itALiAn DeCOuPAGe AnD PAinteD CENTER TABLE 19th century the rectangular top with rounded corners decorated with varied landscapes with figures, raised upon ringandblock turned supports joined by

94 itALiAn neOCLASSiCAL MArBLe tOP PAinteD COMMODe circa 1800 Probably Piemontese, the rectangular marble top, over three long drawers painted with arabesques, putti and stylized foliage, flanked by p

95 95 venetiAn rOCOCO DeCOuPAGe PAinteD COnCAveShAPeD WritinG tABLe late 18thearly 19th century the concave superstructure continuing to the sides, decorated with flora and fauna, enclosing twotiers

96 Set OF FOur venetiAn rOCOCO StyLe ChiMOiSiere DeCOrAteD SiDe ChAirS 19th century each shaped back with a solid splat and dropin seat on cabriole legs, ending in pad feet decorated with foliage and

98 98 enGLiSh MAJOLiCA POLyChrOMe GLAZeD OySter PLATTER 20th century Of leaf form with assorted oyster wells amongst lemon wedge wells, unmarked. Length 18 in. 300500 99 Fine enGLiSh MAJOLiCA teAPO

100 100 three enGLiSh MAJOLiCA teAPOtS late 19th century All unmarked, comprising a molded ribbontied flower, basket woven, powder blue ground, navette form teapot, with a strawberry finale a molded

102 102 tWO enGLiSh MAJOLiCA teA POtS third quarter 19th century the first of ovoid form with a branch handle and cover grip, the cobalt blue body molded with two bands of honeycomb and leafy white b

104 Suite OF enGLiSh trAnSFer PrinteD GOnDOLA PAttern PeArLWAre ServinG iteMS third quarter 19th century Staffordshire, comprised of a large covered soup tureen, a pair of smaller sauce tureens with c

106 107 106 PAir OF rAre enGLiSh Green trAnSFer PrinteD hOt Air BALOOn theMeD PLAteS mid 19th century Staffordshire, with scalloped edges, the border with ivy, centering a recess with a crescent blo

108 109 108 enGLiSh yeA OLDe COttAGe SevenPieCe CerAMiC teA AnD COFFee ServiCe circa 1900 Probably Staffordshire, each piece modeled as a different cottage with thatched roofs, comprising a teapot,

110 111 111 SiX enGLiSh POttery AnD POrCeLAin COttAGeFOrM PAStiLLe BurnerS Mid to late 19th century Staffordshire, including an octagonal folly on a mound, a blue and white tiered example and a chur

112 113 112 Five enGLiSh POttery AnD POrCeLAin COttAGeFOrM PAStiLLe BurnerS mid to late 19th century Most Staffordshire, including an example with a yellowsloped roof and a threestory home with stee

114 115 114 PAir OF WWi vAriOuS MetAL CALvAry BuGLeS, nOW MOunteD AS LAMPS one dated 1917 each variously marked, and inscribed with hone Soit qui Mal y Pense, affixed to wood bases with parchment sh

116 116 COntinentAL turneD, CArveD, AnD PAinteD WALnut SPinninG WheeL early to mid 19th century Portuguese or Southern France, elaborately detailed with turned supports and allover foliate and rocail

117 117 PAir OF Fine viCtOriAn SheLLWOrK AnD FABriC hAnGinG ShADOWBOXeS second half 19th century each rectangular giltwood box frame containing a gilt urn with elaborate floral arrangement with color

118 119 118 tWO enGLiSh ShADOW BOX FiSh GrOuP DiOrAMAS 19th century Both in convex glazed boxes, the first comprising three roach, dated and inscribed, 1896, taken by J. Steer in the rother, the sec

120 120 tWO AMeriCAn PAinteD DuCK DeCOyS, Five PAinteD WOOD BirDS, AnD FOur FiSh early to late 20th century the Mallards with glass inset eyes, two birds with initials e.B., the cardinal signed e.W.

123 123 three AMeriCAn trAMP Art FrAMeS circa 1900 Comprised of an arched crested double aperture example, a twotoned stained rectangular example with overlapping stiles and sides with demilune proje

126 126 eric Berg American, B. 1954 GALAPAGOS tOrtOiSe patinated bronze signed, inscribed APi 1998 height 26 in., Length 48 in., Depth 34 in. 8,00012,000 cf. eric Berg has received over forty public

127 128 eric Berg American, b. 1954 GOLDen retriever patinated bronze signed, dated 1996 height 30 in., Width 40 in., Depth 12 in. 4,0006,000 cf. See lot numbers 532 and 533 128 Palm Beach Fine Art

129 129 PAir OF WhiMSiCAL irOn FLOWer POt GArDen treLLiSPAneLS early 20th century each arched panel mounted with removable rings for pots and with arched crests with two facing sparrows and leaves, t

131 131 AMeriCAn eMPire GiLt MetAL MOunteD CArveD MAhOGAny CheSt OF DrAWerS, circa 1820 With a superstructure of drawers, the rectangular top over an arrangement drawers and cupboards, flanked by car

132 132 PAir OF AMeriCAn GOthiC revivAL OAK ArMChAirS circa 1860 each upholstered high pointed back, with carved spires and turned uprights, the upholstered seat flanked by turned arms, on tapered bo

133 133 Fine viCtOriAn CArveD OAK renAiSSAnCeStyLe tALL CASe MuSiCAL CLOCK third quarter 19th century With a singletrain, sevenday, springdriven movement, the silvered dial with roman numerals contai

134 134 Fine GeOrGe iii GOthiC PArCeL GiLt BirDS eye MAPLe hArP Circa 1800 Sebastian Pierre erard, London, with singleaction 7pedal movement, the gilt head with gothic tracery and cathedral statues.

135 135 PAir OF enGLiSh CASt irOn CAMPAnAFOrM urnS late 19th century the outturned rim cast with an egganddart border, over a tapered body with an all around elongated gadroon, the circular base on a

137 137a 137 Annee Goodchild American, 20th Century ADAM AnD eve BeFOre the tree OF KnOWLeDGe OF GOOD AnD eviL signed lower right acrylic on canvas height 48 by Width 41 in.. 3,0005,000 137a Annee

138 139 138 Lesliejohn Jeanne thompson roche American, 20th Century hOrSeGOrOunD JACK a pair, the reverse of each with attached artists supplied information sheet oil on board 18 by 15 in. and 21 b

140 140 Karen Kirk Shields American, 20th Century two paintings equeStriAn POrtrAit and POrtrAit OF A MOOSe signed, dated 96 and 99 lower left respectively watercolor on paper 25 by 21 in. and 21 by

142 142 A.PAriAni, Fine BOrSAreLLi CALFSKin riDinG SADDLe A modernized classic saddle, medium deep seat, sized 16.5 to 18 with straps and stirrups, and a riding crop together with two quilted pads and

144 102 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

144a 144 very Fine SKyhOrSe SADDLe COMPAny SiLverMOunteD eMBOSSeD LeAther PreSentAtiOn SADDLe, With StiruPPS Skyhorse, Saddle Company, Durango, Co., signed in numerous places, custom made for the pre

145 145 PAir OF FrenCh vintAGe BrOWn LeAther riDinG BOOtS AnD AnOther BLACK LArther BOOt each with a wooden boot stretcher. 6 600900 146 three nAtive AMeriCAn DeSiGn WOOL BLAnKetS modern each repres

148 148 Fine ChineSe hOnGhuALi ZitAn ALter tABLe 18th19th century rectangular top with scrolled ends above a carved frieze with pierced floating brackets, on two pierced trestle supports. height 35

151 151 enGLiSh MALLeS LAvOLLAiLLe LeAther AnD BrASSSAFAri CheSt OF DrAWerS early 20th century rectangular with four inside lined removable drawers, withleather strap handles, contained within an out

154 WiLLiAM iv rOSeWOOD WOrK tABLe second quarter 19th century the rectangular top with a recessed beaded panel, above a frieze drawers, further drawer at one side, on a lyre support, above a cushion

108 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 109

156 157 110 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

156 reGenCy StyLe eBOniZeD BOOK CASe CABinet modern With an arrangement of adjustable shelves and a cabinet door, on a conforming plinth. in three parts. height 7 ft. 10 in., Width 8 ft. 11 in., Depth

158 158 MACKenZieChiLDS tWentyFOur PieCe Green GLAZeD CerAMiC LunCheOn ServiCe modern impressed MacKenzieChilds, LtD., new york with manufactures artists marks, comprising 6 dinner plates, 6 floral m

161 161 Set OF ten FrenCh MAJOLiCA BirD AnD Cherry DeSert PLAteS late 19th century each impressed Sarregumines, each molded with two birds amidst cherries, comprised of nine light blue and a mustard

162 114 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

163 162 Fine GeOrGe JOneS MAJOLiCA FiGurAL AnD SheLL FOrM MythOLOGiCAL inSPireD CenterPieCe circa 1875 George Jones, the underside with impressed monogram and inked 3364 X, the large light blue cente

164 165 164 tWO MAJOLiCA WAter PitCherS last quarter 19th century Probably American, each of cylindrical form, with a loop handle, the cobalt stippled ground decorated with tall grasses and a crane.

166 168 166 LArGe FrenCh FLOrAL enCruSteD BArBOtine POrCeLAin JArDinierie circa 1880 unmarked, the circular body with allover pink and yellow flowers on a blue ground. 2,5003,500 168 FrenCh MArBLe

169 169 PAir OF Fine FrenCh PAinteD AnD PArCeL GiLt tOLe Peinte threeLiGht SCOnCeS circa 1930 each with a leaf carved urnform wall mount, supporting three tole candle branches and drip pans, the arms

171 171 LOuiS Xv PAinteD AnD CArveD FAuteuiL a la reine circa 1760 the cartouched shaped back carved with foliage, the padded arms centering a conformingly shaped seat, also carved with foliage on ca

172 172 LOuiS Xv GiLt WOOD MirrOr mid 18th century the arched crest with a stylized leaf spray flanked by smaller leaves and scrolls, the shaped rectangular mirror framed mirror applied with Cscrolls

172a PAir OF LOuiS Xv StyLe GiLt WOOD BrACKetS late 19th century each of typical form carved allover with foliage and scrolls. One with restored corner. height 14 in., Depth 8 in. 2,0003,000 172a 17

174a 175 174 174a tWeLve enGLiSh PArCeL GiLt FLOrAL PAinteD POrCeLAin ServiCe PLAteS early 20th century royal Worcester, factory mark in over glaze puce, paintersmodel numerals in red, the garnet co

176 176 Fine Set tWeLve rOyAL DOuLtOn WeLL PAinteD POrCeLAin CABinet PLAteS 20th century the gilt edged wide pink rim reserved with panels painted with varied views of an orchid, the center recess wi

178 178 tWO PAinteD POrCeLAin DreSSinG trAyS late 19th century the first english, in the Sevres style, painted with reserves of couples and romantic castle and cathedral ruins on a rose Pompadour gro

179 180 181 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 125

182 182 PAir OF GerMAn rOCOCO StyLe PAinteD POrCeLAin tABLe StAnDS, 19th century Meissen, each of scalloped circular form with raised blossom motif, reserved with a courting couple in a landscape abo

184 184 FOur enGLiSh GLAZeD POttery SPirit BArreLS mid to late 19th century comprised of a pair of large parcel gilt pink and white banded examples, a smaller claret and white banded rum barrel, and

186 187 186 186 tWO enGLiSh BLue AnD White trAnSFer PrinteD CerAMiC PitCherS AnD tWO COvereD teACOFFee POtS second half 19th century Staffordshire, of either baluster or canted flared form, decorat

188 CrOCet CriB COver hand made with applied buttons and woven ribbon in tones of purple and mauve. 30 by 54 in. approx 600900 188 189 Fine Set OF LuXury COutOure eMBrOiDereD BeD LinenS exquisitely

194 195 193 196 198 199 193 Fine FrenCh hAnDStitCheD OrAnGe On MOSS FeLt tABLe CLOth Worked with foliage and scrolls in each corner, continuing to form an all around border, for a king bed. 83 in

62 56 200 144 200 three LOuiS vuittOn vintAGe MOnOGrAM hArD eXteriOr SuitCASeS Graduating in size, with coated canvas exterior, leather and fabric lined interiors, with brass toned metal hardware,

FINE ART Lots 300361 132 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014

Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 133

300 300 Alexander Calder American, 18981976 BASeBALL signed and dated Calder 66 lower right gouache on paper 29 12 by 42 12 in., 74.9 by 108 cm. 10,00015,000 this work is registered in the archives o

301 Fernand Leger French, 18811955 nAture MOrte Au MASque De PLAtre initialed F.L and dated 28 drawing gouache on paper 12 38 by 16 34 in., 31.4 by 42.5 cm. 40,00060,000 301 Palm Beach Fine Art, Ant

302 302 Fernand Leger French, 18811955 etuDe POur LeS trOiS SOeurS initialed F.L. with date 1955 inscribed on the reverse Ceffe oeuve authentique de Fernand Lege W. Leger DrawingWater Colour 13 by 10

303 303 victor vasarely hungarianFrench, 19061997 ZeBrAS signed vasarely lower middle and dated 1950 on reverse. tempera on canvas 24 by 31 12 in., 60.9 by 80 cm. 40,00060,000 vasarely was the founder

304 304 Jean Dubuffet French, 19011985 Genetique signed J.D. with date 64 lower middle marker on paper 7 12 by 8 12 in., 19.1 by 21.6 cm. 8,00012,000 Literature M. Loreau, Catalogue des travaux de Je

305 Pablo Picasso Spanish, 1881 1973 FEMME A partially glazed earthenware pitcher the underside inscribed edition Picasso Madoura. in August 1947, revisiting the Madoura pottery of the ceramists Geor

306 307 306 Joan Miro Spanish, 18931983 ACrOBAt Au JArDin De nuit signed Miro and dated 1948 lower right with edition 6075 lower left Lithograph in colors 26 by 19 12 in., 66 by 49.5 cm. 5,0008,000

308 309 308 nieK vAn Der PLAS Dutch, b. 1954 Flowers in a vase signed van Der Plas l.r. oil on canvas 36 by 30 in., 91.4 cm by 75.2 cm. 1,5002,500 309 Francois Gall French, 19121987 A. MOntPArnASSe

310 310 Jean Dufy French, 18881964 untitled nOtre DAMe signed Jean Dufy lower right oil on canvas 18 by 25 12 in., 45.7 by 64.7 cm. 25,00035,000 142 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sun

311 311 Auguste toulmouche AttriB. French, 18291890 THE LETTER signed A. toulmouche lower left oil on canvas 17 34 by 14 12 in., 45 by 36.8 cm. 3,0005,000 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century

312 314 312 Jay Arnold AMeriCAn, 20th Century Signed J. Arnold ir and titled. Oil on canvas Board. 16 by 20 in., 40.6 by 50.8 cm. 1,0002,000 313 Continental School 19th Century untitLeD Ships at Sea

315 315 MOntAGue DAWSOn BritiSh, 18951973 A COrvette DuPLeX in OPen OCeAn signed Montague Dawson lower left oil on canvas 28 by 42 14 in., 71.12 by 107.315 cm. 40,00070,000 Provenance vose Galleries,

316 316 Montague Dawson British, 18951973 the CLiPPer BLue JACKet Signed Montague Dawson ll and inscribed on the reverse. Oil on canvas 24 by 36 in., 60.96 by 91.44 cm. 40,00060,000 Provenance Pannon

317 317 Montague Dawson British, 18951973 DeeP WAterS signed oil on canvas 39 by 34 in., 99.06 by 86.36 cm. 40,00060,000 Provenance M. newman, Ltd., St. James, London, c.1949, hugh Jaques, esq., Mont

318 318 Anthony Brandrett British, 20th Century h.M.S BeAGLe oil on canvas 25 by 30 in., 63.5 by 76.2 cm. 3,0005,000 Provenance Acquired directly from artist. 319, 320, 321 no Lot 322 322 niek van

323 323 Barbara rossi, American, b.1940 PurSuinG tWinS, 1979 acrylic on canvas 49 12 in. by 73 14 in., 125.73 by 186.05 cm. 2,0004,000 PrOvenAnCe Formerly the Collection of Marguerite Martino the of

326 326 yaacov Agam israeli, B. 1928 untitled Abstract lithograph in color,13 of edition of 75 signed l.r. Agam in its original painted and stepped frame, as selected by Agam for the Bermans 27 38 by

328 329 AntOniO rAMireZ, Mexico Cemetery of Agaves, Cemetario de Maquayas 1978 signed l.r. A. ramirez, 79, titled and inscribed on the reverse oil on canvas 26 by 33 in. in its original Mexican folk w

330 330 Philippe Aug French, b. 1935 untitled two Seated Women Around a table signed Aug upper left oil on canvas 36 by 29 in., 91.4 by 73.7 cm. 1,0002,000 Provenance Wally Findlay Galleries, Palm Be

332 332 Continental School 19th20th Century untitled runAWAy CArriAGe signed n. Bingham lower left 23 14 by 35 58 in., 59.05 by 98.10 cm. 1,0002,000 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sund

333 Bruce elliot roberts American B. 1910 BOStOn, StrOnGhOLD OF the AMeriCAn revOLutiOn signed Bruce elliot roberts and dated 1975 lower right signed, titled and dated on the stretcher and on reverse

336 Anthony Brandrett British therMOPiLy Cutty SArK signed Anthony Brandrett lower right oil on canvas 24 by 36 in., 60.96 by 91.44 cm. 4,0007,000 336 337 Anthony Brandrett British h.M.S. BeAGLe si

339 339 Anthony Brandrett British, 20th Century A CALM DAy in the hArBOr signed Anthony Brandrett lr. oil on Canvas 24 34 by 50 in., 62.86 by 127 cm. 4,0007,000 Provenance Sothebys 2006 340 Louis Me

341 Konrad Alexander MullerKurzwelly German, 18551914 FiGureS On the BeACh signed MullerKurzwelly lower right oil on canvas 11 12 by 18 12 in., 29.2 by 47 cm. 1,5002,500 Provenance William Doyle, 24 F

343 343 Charles Sillem Lidderdale British, 18301895 the intruDerS initialed C S L lower right, appears to be integrated into the work and initialed C S L 68 lower left, in red oil on canvas 24 12 by

344 344 Carl Frederik Aagaard Danish, 18331895 FOreSt LAnDSCAPe circa 1880 signed C.F. Aagaard lower left, C.F. Aagaard 1880 on the reverse oil on canvas 48 14 by 32 34 in., 122.6 by 83.2 cm. 15,0002

345 345 Paul emile Lecomte French, 18771950 hiGh tiDe oil on canvas signed Paul emile Lecomte lower left 24 18 by 36 in., 62.3 by 91.44 cm. 12,00018,000 Provenance Bonhams, new york 2009 160 Palm B

346 346 Paul Albert Baudouin French, 18441931 the hArveSterS signed and dated P. Baudouin 1878 Born in 1844 in rouen, France, Paul Albert Baudouin was a pupil of Gleyre, elie Delaunay in Puvis de Chav

348 347 no Lot 348 Continental School 19th Century untitled BABy StePS unsigned oil on canvas 37 by 52 in., 94 by 132 cm. 1,5002,500 349 349 Daniel ridgway Knight American, 18391924 untitled AutuMn

350 350 David De noter Belgian, 18181892 tAKinG teA signed David De noter lower left oil on canvas 31 12 by 26 14 in., 80 by 66.7 cm. 20,00030,000 Provenance hirschl Adler Galleries inc., ny. exhibi

Property of Charles Henderson 351 Adolf Schreyer German, 18281899 untitled ArAB riDerS signed Ad. Schreyer lower right oil on canvas 30 by 50 in., 76.2 by 127 cm. 30,00050,000 Adolf Schreyer was one o

351 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiques, 20th Century Sunday October 26 2014 165

352 howard Behrens American, 19332014 untitLeD WALK On the BeACh signed Behrens lower left oil on canvas 32 by 46 in., 81.3 by 116.8 cm. 1,0002,000 352 353 howard Behrens American, 19332014 untitLeD

355 Michel Kouliche French, B. 1922 LE BARBEQUE signed Kouliche lower left and dated May 1990 on back oil on canvas 19 12 by 24 in., 49.5 by 61 cm. 1,5002,500 355 356 Pierre Bittar French, B. 1934 un

Property of Various Owners 358 MarieMonique Pochez French, B. 1926 untitLeD StiLL LiFe With BOuquet OF FLOWerS signed M M Pochez lower left oil on canvas 38 by 51 in., 96.5 by 129.5 cm. 1,0002,000 35

360 Charles Levier FrenchAmerican, 19202003 vOir De Fete signed Levier lower right and titled voir de Fete, Ch Levier on the reverse oil on canvas 30 by 40 in., 76.2 by 101.6 cm. 1,5002,500 360 361

362 362 LArGe PAir MArBLe LiOnS 20th century each fully maned, one with open jaw, both in sitting position. height 40 in., Width 17in., Depth 40 in. height 101.6 cm., Width 43.18 cm., Depth 73.6 cm. 2

364 364 MALtOni late 19thearly 20th century iL SOLetiCO the tickle in carved Carrara marble, set on a marble base with the title iL SOLLetiCO and MADe in itALy to the underside of the base, the bust

365 ADeLAiDe PAnDiAni MArAini 1836431917 MArBLe FiGure very Fine MArBLe FiGure OF POMOnA circa 1890 Life Size italian Marble Figure of Pomona with a Bacchic herm By Adelaide Pandiani Maraini, rome. Ci

366 itALiAn CArveD ALABASter MODeL OF A LiOneSS early 20th century Modeled with a raised head, inset glass eyes and teeth bared, standing on a rock work base. Signed indistinctly S. Gengi...e. height

368 CerAMiC LOOP hAnDeLeD DeeP BOWL AnD A iMPreSSeD CerAMiC BOWL Contemporary the first low tempature fired with a black and white wash, the second made of red clay with overlaid segnments impressed w

371 tWO COnteMPOrAry CerAMiC PLAteS the first a porcelain plate, signed on the underside of the rim, Saleth, painted with a triangle above a square, the second, an unmarked stoneware example of square

374 374 robert Lostutter American, b. 1939 PrinCeSS StePhAnieS BirD OF PArADiSe signed Lostlutter and dated 2000 lower right colored pencil and watercolor on paper 375 26 12 by 33 12 in., 67.3 by 85.

Property of a Palm Beach Lady 376 Dale Chihuly American, b. 1941 A massive and important blue and yellow blown glass sculpture. the yellow of tube form slithering and wrapping around the large blue b

377 Property of a Palm Beach Lady 377 Dale Chihuly American, b. 1941 A set of four asymmetrically nested blown glass Seaform sculptures. the set consists of one large bowlform element decorated with

378 378 Dale Chihuly American, b. 1941 red Blanket Cylinder with yellow opentop cylindrical blown glass sculpture. the form topped off with a thin yellow rim with with concentric dark red rings casca

379 379 Dale Chihuly American, b. 1941 two redcolored asymmetrically nested blown Bonfire Basket glass sculpture set composed of two elements. One of flattenedbowl form and another of spherical vase f

381 Dale Chihuly American, b. 1941 yellowcolored blown glass sculpture. Of an exaggerated candy wrapper form with a subtle concentric stripe pattern of alternating hues of yellow. inscribed Chihuly an

383 383 Dale Chihuly American, b. 1941 A redcolored Macchia blown glass sculpture set consisting of four elements, each piece sharing a concentric ring pattern in dark red and black colored rims. two

385 385 Dale Chihuly American, b. 1941 A set of six Seaform asymmetrically nested blown glass sculptures. Circa 1996. the bright yellowcolored sculptures are decorated with redcolored rims and brown

386 386 Lalique Oak Leaf Center table in Frosted Glass French, circa 1970 Of molded and frosted glass. various elements incised Lalique, France height 42 in., Diameter 30 12 in. height 106.7 cm., Di

387 387 After Lucien Gibert French, 19041988 large Daum reproduction of a Lucien Gibert sculpture titled Le Printemps. titled volupte. Limited edition. signed L Gibert, Daum, France and numbered 0211

388 388 BrunSWiCK PArAMOunt BiLLiArD tABLe American, circa 1937 Designed by Donald Deskey and manufactured by BrunswickBalkeCollender Company, Chicago with manufacturers labels. Constructed of plywoo

From a Private Collection 389 Georges Charpentier French, b. 1937 untitled Breast Feeding, etched ChArPentier 18 with an emblem. highly polished bronze. Fixed to a wood and steel base. Sculpture takes

391 391 A Pair of Patinated Bronze African impalas italian, circa 1950 A fine pair of cast bronze African impalas with foundry mark Fonderia Artistica Marrinelli. Presumably based on the examples fro

392 392 rosewood Marquetry Macassar ebony Cabinet, Circa 1950 the front doors opening to a mirror, the side doors opening to storage compartments. height 65 in., Width 46 12 in., Depth 21 12 in. hei

393 393 Art Deco String inlaid Fruitwood BarCabinet, Signed the rectangular top above a conforming case enclosing a center door, decorated with a lozenge motif opening to reveal a mirrored interior,

394 394 Art DeCO ABAttAnt DeSK AttriButeD tO DOMinique Of rosewood and parchment, the interior of sycamore. height 51 34 in., Width 33 in., Depth 16 14 in. height 131.4 cm., Width 83.8 cm., Depth 41.

394a 394a FrenCh PArCeL GiLtWOOD AnD tACK MOunteD PArChMent COMMODe circa 1940 Attributed to Maison Jansen, Paris, of shaped rectangular form with canted sides, the top with two rows of decorative ta

395 Bar Cabinet With top Mirror Painted sage, silver color with landscape decorated of figures on the front height 38 12 in., Width 35 12 in., Depth 20 in. height 97 cm., Width 90 cm., Depth 50.8 cm.

397 397 David Wynne British, B. 1926 the LOverS circa 1972. Of pink granite. height 69 in. 175.3 cm. 15,00025,000 Provenance Christies, new york, July 11, 2006, lot 21 194 Palm Beach Fine Art, Antiq

398 398 FrenCh reStOrAtiOn MAhOGAny SALOn Suite 19th century Comprising a canap, two fauteuils, and four single chairs, each padded back with a padded bowed seat flanked by scrolled arms carved with

399 399 Fine ChArLeS X OrMOLu MOunteD MAhOGAny BiBLiOteque circa 1830, of slight breakfront outline, fitted with a pair of doors with inset with ormolu mounted panels beneath arched grills, opening t

400 401 400 LOuiS Xvi StyLe GiLtBrOnZe MOunteD MAhOGAny ArMOire circa 1900 the arched cornice above a central glazed door opening to an interior with glass shelves and drawers. Flanked by two glazed

402 402 LArGe PAir OF verDe AntiCO MArBLe vASeS the ovoid body form on a circular foot with an acanthus cast border raised an a square base. height 28 in. 71 cm. 5,0008,000 198 Palm Beach Fine Art,

403 403 eMPire StyLe OrMOLu MOunteD MAhOGAny ArMOire circa 1900 Of breakfront outline, the body with a pair of projecting doors, flanked by conforming narrow doors, each with an upper glazed panel ov

404 404 FrenCh MirrOreD ChrOMeMOunteD StriAteD WALnut DreSSinG CABinet circa 1940 With a triple arched mirror plate flanked by two mirrored cabinet doors opening to shelved compartments above a bank o

406 406 BuLGAri rOCK CryStAL AnD LAPiS tABLe OrnAMent the rock crystal cluster on a rectangular lapis lazzuli plinth. height 8 12 in., height 21.5 cm. 7001,000 407 BuLGAri SheLL AnD LAPiS tABLe OrnA

408 408 tWenty Five ASSOrteD BACCArAt GLASSeS 124612 500700 409 409 eiGhteen BACCArAt GLASSeS eACh StAMPeD BACCArAt 300500 410 410 Green OnyX, ChAMPLev AnD GiLtBrOnZe MOunteD PeDeStAL tABLe height

411 411 PAir FrenCh GiLtBrOnZe ChAMPLev enAMeL tWOLiGht OnyX CAnDeLABrA height 11 14 in., height 28.5 cm. 500800 412 PAir eMPire StyLe GiLtBrOnZe AnD MArBLe tABLe LAMPS Pair marble and giltbronze ta

412a 412a PAir OF LOuiS Xv StyLe GiLt BrOnZe AnD GLASS FiveLiGht GirOnDOLeS circa 1900 each of tieredtapering form, with scrolled arms supporting candlearms and molded glass spires, with scrolled leg

413 LArGe GiLtWOOD FLOOr LAMP A Large giltwood and black painted finish lamp with a fluted column on a round base with claw feet. height 66 in., height 167.6 cm. 600900 414 LOuiS Xvi StyLe GiLt WOOD

417 417 PAir OF GiLtBrOnZe MOunteD viOLette MArBLe PeDeStALS 19th century A pair of giltbronze mounted brche violette and green marble Corinthian column pedestals. height 48 14 in., height 122.5 cm.

418 418 MOnuMentAL MeiSSen POrCeLAin vASe, 19th20th century circular foot with a pearshaped body painted with colourful floral decoration and enhanced with gilt borders, flanked by double serpent han

420 420 ChriStOFLe Cie., Fine PAir OF FrenCh JAPOniSMe GiLt PAtinAteD BrOnZe FiveLiGht CAnDeLABrA 19th century each signed ChriStOFLe Cie and numbered 984927, 984929 Finely decorated with meander

421 421 FrAnCOiS LinKe DeSK circa 1910 Francois Linke table A ecrire, index number 1660 Paris, FebruaryMay 1911 acajou and loupe damboine, one frieze drawer, the lock plate has been removed to reveal

422 422 itALiAn Grey veineD White MArBLe PeDeStAL circa 1900 With two mid bands, a square top and octagonal base height 40 in. approx 200400 423 423 neOCLASSiCAL StyLe PAtinAteD BrOnZe MOunteD MArB

424 424 FrAnCOiS LinKe DAy BeD early 20th century Francois Linke giltbronze mounted mahogany and fruitwood marquetry day bed from Paris, the mounts cast by Barbedienne. height 25 in., Length 75 in.,

425 425 FrAnCOiS LinKe MArBLe tOP SiDe tABLe circa 1900 A Louis Xvi Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Mahogany Bedside table by Franois Linke. the ormolu banded brche viollette marble top, the cabinet with o

427 427 BrOnZe eiGht LiGht ALABASter ChAnDeLier 20th century height approx. 30 in., Diameter approx. 35 in. height approx. 76.2 cm, Diameter aprprox. 86.4 cm 2,0004,000 428 LArGe three tier tWentyFO

429 429 PAir GiLtBrOnZe LOuiS Xvi OrMOLuMOunteD BLuenuit MArBLe vASeS each of a baluster shaped body surmounted by Greekkey rim border, flanked to each side by a laurel garland, on a circular spreadi

433 PAir OF GiLtBrOnZe LiOnS One reclining cast with its tail swept up onto the middle of the back and a slot above the haunches. Second crouching particularly fine and well chiseled cast with an attr

437 437 PAir OF GiLtBrOnZe AnD BLACK MArBLe tAZZe each with leaf cast handles and a waisted stem raised on a marble pedestal. height 4 12 in., height 11.4 cm. 400600 438 438 GiLtBrOnZe OF A LADy PLA

441 441 LArGe GiLtBrOnZe MOunteD POrCeLAin vASe Of campana form with a gilded green background painted in round with scenes from the napoleonic battle. Signed h. Desperez at the bottom of the painted

443 443 rOyAL viKinG SeA, 1973 Built for the norwegian Carribean Line, its a 674 ft. Passenger Motorship built by Oy Wartsila AB helinsky. the model above is 1288 and is the original travel agent mod

444 444 LOuiS Xvi StyLe OrMOLu MOunteD KinGWOOD tWO tier tABLe French circa 1880, the serpentine shaped rectangular top, joined by a marquetryinlaid shelf with detachable glass server, on rectangular

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