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A.B. Levys PaLm BeacH MAGNIFICENT DIAMONDS FINE JEWElRY Sunday decemBer 14, 2014 100 Pm Palm Beach Magnificaent Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Sunday December 14 2014, 100 pm 1

PAlM BEACh MAGNIFICENT DIAMONDS FINE JEWElRY Clockwise from top lots 202, 273, 213,177,193 2 Palm Beach Magnificaent Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Sunday December 14 2014, 100 pm

A.B. Levys auction Sunday, December 14, 2014 100 pm auction Location A.B. levys Flamingo Building 1921 South Dixie highway West Palm Beach, Fl 33401 Viewing A.B. levys 211 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Fl

auction Sunday, December 14, 2014 100 pm lots 119273 lot 218 exHiBition a.B. Levys 211 Worth avenue Palm Beach, Fl 33480 Monday December 8 1000am600pm Tuesday December 9 1000am600pm Wednesday Decembe

PAlM BEACh MAGNIFICENT DIAMONDS FINE JEWElRY A.B. levys is honored to auction Jewels with distinguished lot 178 American provenance. highlighting the Palm Beach Magnificent Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

205 6 Palm Beach Magnificaent Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Sunday December 14 2014, 100 pm

120 119 121 119 Pair oF citrine earrinGS, PaLoma PicaSSo, tiFFany co. A Pair of 18 karat yellow gold ear clips, set with oval citrines approx 12 x 10.5 mm 12 x 10.5 mm, signed Paloma Picasso, sig

123 122 124 122 Pair oF 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd, diamond, tourmaLine, and tanZanite ear cLiPS, r. ciPuLLo Centering two tourmaline cabochons measuring approximately 9.88 by 8.99 mm, framed by 18 karat

125 127 126 125 14Kt WHite GoLd aQuamarine and diamond rinG Centered by a cut cornered rectangular stepcut Aquamarine weighing approximately 8.70 carats, set between round brilliant cut diamond shou

129 128 130 128 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd HooP SPiGa earrinGS, BuLGari Model Spiga design, signed Bulgari with Italian hallmarks 1,5002,500 129 coin and yeLLoW GoLd necKLace and Pair oF ear cLiPS, BuLGa

135 131 133 136 132 134 135 18 Karat WHite GoLd citrine and diamond PendantnecKLace Suspending a pendant set with a heartshaped citrine and a squareshaped citrine, framed and accented by round dia

137 diamond and SaPPHire necKLace The centered on the gold curb link chain is a pear shape sapphire measuring 11.19x8.80x5.37mm, surrounded by roundcut diamonds weighing approximately 4.80 carats and

138 140 139 138 18Kt yeLLoW GoLd, maLacHite and diamond Pendant Circular, set with a malachite and singlecut diamonds weighing approximately 0.05 carats, mounted in 18 karat yellow gold. 400700 14

142 143 144 142 18 Karat WHite GoLd diamond and emeraLd BroocH 143 144 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd BroocH, 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd BroocH, Henry dunay KieSeLSteincord Designed as a dog with a braided wreath,

145 148 146 149 147 145 carVed HardStone and emeraLd FLoWer BroocH Formed of frosted rock crystal flowerheads, centering pistil with roundcut emerald, the stems set with emeraldcut emeralds,mount

150 151 150 18 Karat yeLLoW and WHite GoLd yeLLoW diamond and diamond necKLace Scalloped fringe design with roundcut diamonds weighing approximately 3.34 carats and roundcut yellow diamonds weighing

153 152 152 18 Karat WHite and yeLLoW GoLd diamond rinG The round brilliantcut diamond weighing 3.01 carats, set between baguette and square step cutdiamond shoulders weighing approximately 0.58 car

154 ProPerty oF a PaLm BeacH Lady 154 PLatinum and diamond rinG Centered by a pearshaped diamond weighing 4.01 carats, flanked by triangleshaped diamonds weighing approximately 2.40 carats. Accompani

155 158 157 156 155 diamond rinG Of crossover design, each terminal respectively decorated with two round brilliantcut diamonds weighing approximately 0.63 carats within brilliantcut diamonds surro

159 160 161 159 diamond BraceLet A line bracelet paveset roundcut diamonds and bezel set to the center with round brilliantcut diamonds weighing approximately 7.78 carats, mounted in 18 karat white

162 162 PLatinum and diamond rinG Simply set with a brilliantcut diamond weighing approx 9.48 carats, mounted in a platinum setting. Ring size 6 50,00075,000 Palm Beach Magnificaent Diamonds and Fin

163 166 164 165 167 163 14 Karat WHite GoLd diamond cuFFBraceLet Of rope twist design set at intervals, with paveset round diamonds weighing approximately 3.06 carats, mounted in a flexible 14 ka

168 170 169 168 SPineL and diamond rinG Centering an ovalcut spinel weighing approximately 1.39 carats, flanked by two round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.29 carats and surrounded

171 172 171 Star SaPPHire and diamond rinG Centering on a star sapphire weighing approximately 13.23 carats, surrounded by brilliantcut diamonds together weighing approximately 1.12 carats, mounted

173 174 175 173 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd, ruBy and diamond earrinGS, iLiaS LaLaouniS A pair of ear clips in the Etruscan revival taste with lions head terminals accented with circularcut rubies and rou

176 178 177 179 176 177 18 Karat yeLLoW PLatinum Fancy yeLLoW GoLd diamond rinG, diamond and diamond rinG marina B. Centered by a cutcornered rectangular Of flexible design the pol modified brilli

180 180 diamond necKLace The supple necklace set with brilliantcut diamonds and baguettes together weighing approximately 51.60 carats, mounted in 18 karat yellow gold, length approximately 15 inches

185 182 183 184 181 181 ruBy and diamond BraceLet Containing ovalcut rubies set at intervals weighing approximately 6.00 carats surrounded by round brilliantcut diamonds and marquisecut diamonds w

186 187 186 Pair oF tanZanite and diamond ear cLiPS Each set with an ovalshaped tanzanite weighing approximately 11.70 carats, framed by brilliantcut diamonds weighing approximately 2.95 carats, mou

188 188 PLatinum, 18 Karat GoLd Fancy LiGHt yeLLoW diamond and diamond rinG Centered by a cutcornered rectangular modified brilliantcut Fancy light Yellow Diamond weighing 11.09 carats, flanked by tr

189 189 PLatinum and diamond necKLace Of graduated design set with numerous round diamonds weighing approximately 24.93 carats, length 16 inches 30,00050,000 Palm Beach Magnificaent Diamonds and Fin

190 191 192 190 Pair oF PLatinum and 18Kt WHite GoLd, cuLtured PearL and diamond earrinGS Centered by two cultured pearls measuring approximately 13.84 and 13.86 mm, framed and surrounded by round

194 195 193 193 emeraLd and diamond rinG Centered by a sugarloaf cabochon emerald weighing approximately 8.52 carats, accented by numerous round, marquise and pearshaped diamonds weighing approximat

196 197 196 yeLLoW diamond and diamond Pendant earrinGS Each surmount of cluster design, set with yellow marquiseshaped diamonds, yellow cushion modified brilliant diamonds, yellow ovalshaped diamon

198 199 200 198 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd, cuLtured PearL and diamond rinG Designed as a flower, set with pearshape diamonds of various tints weighing approximately 1.58 carats, accented with a cultured

201 202 201 Pair oF PLatinum and diamond Pendent earrinGS Diamond drop earrings, composed of smaller Modified Tapered long hexagon Brilliant Cut diamonds suspending larger Modified Tapered long hexa

203 204 203 18 Karat WHite GoLd diamond Pendant necKLace, cHoPard Model happy Spirit this pendant features three diamondencrusted circles that rest one inside the other while orbiting one floating d

204 205 MAGNIFICENT AND RARE INTERNAllY FlAWlESS DIAMOND The pear brilliantcut diamond weighing 6.50 carats. Accompanied by GIA report numbered 2165012505, dated 13 October 2014, stating that the dia

Palm Beach Magnificaent Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Sunday December 14 2014, 100 pm 39

206 209 208 207 210 206 PLatinum and diamond rinG 209 210 PLatinum and PearL and enameL diamond BroocH BroocH By miKimoto Centered by a pearOf cluster design, set shaped diamond Each designed as

211 GoLd and diamond demiParure Comprising a necklace and a matching bracelet of herringbone design, set at center with round diamonds weighing a total of approximately 1.83 carats, total gross weight

213 214 213 Pair oF diamond earrinGS, Van cLeeF and arPeLS Each of floral wreath design, set with brilliantcut diamonds and pear shape diamonds, can be converted to lapel pins, signed Van Cleef Arp

215 216 215 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd, Fancy BroWnyeLLoW diamond and diamond rinG Tension set to the centre with a fancy brownyellow brilliantcut diamond weighing approximately 2.51 carats, set above a b

217 218 218 14 Karat yeLLoW GoLd and diamond BraceLet The line bracelet set with 29 brilliantcut diamonds weighing approximately 7.83 carats, length 7 inches. 300500 217 a GoLd and diamond rinG Cent

219 221 222 220 219 Pair oF diamond ear StudS Each set with a brilliantcut diamond weighing approximately 1.01 carats respectively, screw back post fittings, mounted in 14 karat yellow gold. 7001,0

225 223 224 226 223 yeLLoW GoLd and cuLtured PearL necKLace The necklace composed of thirtyone cultured pearls measuring approximately 9.87 to 16.21mm, completed by a yellow gold flower designed c

229 227 231 228 230 227 Pair oF 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd earinGS, Henry dunay Satin texture design, comprised of 18 karat yellow gold, signed henry Dunay 2,5003,500 228 Pair oF 18 Karat earcLiPS, daV

232 234 236 233 235 232 Pair oF 18 Karat yeLLoW GoLd ruBy and diamond BraceLet Set with roundshaped rubies weighing approximately 2.00 carats, alternating with round brilliantcut diamonds weighin

237 239 238 237 cuLtured PearL and diamond rinG Centering a cultured green black pearl measuring approximately 9.3 by 9.25 mm, framed by round diamonds weighing approximately 1.92 carats, Ring size

240 242 241 243 240 SaPPHire, emeraLd, and diamond rinG, cHarLeS KryPeLL Set with approximately sixty eight roundcut diamonds, twenty two baguettecut sapphires, and twenty two baguettecut emeralds

247 244 246 248 245 244 diamond rinG Centered an old europeancut diamond weighing approximately 0.60 carats, surrounded by roundcut diamonds weighing approximately 3.30 carats, flanked by two old

250 249 249 BroWn diamond and diamond rinG Designed as a knot pavset with brilliantcut brown diamonds weighing approximately 3.00 carats, mirroring with pavset brilliantcut diamonds weighing approxi

251 252 251 coin and GoLd Pendant Centered a gold liberty head double eagle coin dated 1898, surrounded by round brilliantcut weighing approximately 0.75 carats, mounted in 18 karat yellow gold. 800

255 253 256 254 257 253 Pair oF diamond earrinGS Each twotone hoop earring highlighted with brilliantcut diamonds, mounted in 18 karat yellow and white gold, clip fittings 600900 254 diamond rinG

259 258 258 LadyS GoLd HandBaG, earLy 20tH century The meshwork depicting a checkered pattern in two tone 9 karat gold, with two cabochon sapphires at the clasp, measuring approximately 6 by 5 inches

262 260 261 263 260 diamond and aQuamarine Pendant Centered a rectangularcut aquamarine measuring approximately 29.07 x 20.27 x 15.83mm and weighing approximately 65.00 carats, suspended by round c

264 265 266 264 14 Karat GoLd and diamondS BroocH, erte Modeled as the letter Z with a design of a person wrapped around including diamonds at the terminals weighing approximately 7.1 grams. 250350

267 269 268 270 267 Pair oF diamond ear cLiPS Set with one hundred and sixteen round and brilliant cut diamonds, weighing approximately 2.00 carats. Mounted in 18 karat white gold. length 1 in. 2,

271 273 272 271 diamond rinG Centered by an old mine cut diamond measuring 9.88 x 9.24 x 6.88 mm and weighing approximately 3.97 carats, flanked by two tapered baguettecut diamonds weighing approxi

60 Palm Beach Magnificaent Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Sunday December 14 2014, 100 pm

A.B. Levys These Conditions of Sale constitute A.B. Levys herein referred to as A.B.Ls and the Consignors Sellers entire agreement with purchasers with respect to all property offered for sale by A.B.

BUYING AT AUCTION The following will help in understanding the auction buying process as well as some of the terms and symbols commonly used in an auction catalogue. All bidders should read the Condit


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