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A.B. Levys Palm Beach Decorative art antiques ThurSDAy SEPTEMBEr 4, 2014 100 PM Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4 2014 1

AuCTION ENQuIrIES AND INFOrMATION Auction Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4, 100 PM Lots 1205 Preview and Auction at 1921 South Dixie Hwy. West Palm Beach Preview Aug. 25 thru

1 1 FINE ANGLO INDIAN CArVED IVOry AND MAhOGANy WALKING STICK, CIrCA 1860 The handle carved as an elephant, the stick with circular ivory inlays. Minor loss to the elephant trunk. Length overall 35 i

3 rEGENCy BrASS MOuNTED EBONy INLAID rOSEWOOD CArD TABLE, CIrCA 1820 With a crossbanded D shaped swivel top, over an inlaid frieze, set upon four scrolled supports, centering a turned standard raised

7 IMPOrTANT LIFE SIZE MArBLE FIGurE OF POMONA, CIrCA 1890 Life Size Italian Marble Figure of Pomona with a Bacchic herm By Adelaide Pandiani Maraini, rome. Circa 18901900. Inscribed Adelaide Marainiro

9 9 ThrEE ITALIAN MAJOLICA TILES, 18Th CENTury Each depicting a biblical scene, now set into an iron frame. The tiles 8 by 10 in. 9A 9A PAIr OF BArOQuE STyLE PATINATED STEEL FIrEDOGS, 20Th CENTury h

12 PrOPErTy FrOM A SOuTh FLOrIDA PrIVATE COLLECTION EMPIrE GILT BrONZE MOuNTED MArBLE TOP MAhOGANy CABINET, CIrCA 1810 with a fossilized grey marble top above a frieze drawer, the recessed facade with

16 15 16 FINE CONTEMPOrAry CuSTOM GrEEN LACQuEr FAuX PArChMENT EXECuTIVE DESK AND FILE STAND, POSSIBLy CArL SPrINGEr unsigned, rectangular and finished on all four sides, the side drawers pulling fo

19 LOuIS XVI STyLE OrMOLuMOuNTED MAhOGANy LIBrAry TABLE By GErVAISMAXIMILIENEuGENE DurAND, PArIS, LAST QuArTEr 19Th CENTury The rectangular hinged top centered by a gilttooled dark brown leather writi

21 22 21 LOuIS XVI STyLE GILT BrONZE MOuNTED TuLIPWOOD AND MAhOGANy CABINET, CIrCA 1900. The larger center door flanked by two narrow doors, each veneered ensuite with tulipwood panels of varying cu

24 25 24 LOuIS XV STyLE WALNuT ArMOIrE, CIrCA 1900, the molded arched serpentine shaped cornice carved with a central leaf spray, over a paneled frieze carved with leaves, the body with a central gl

26A CONTINENTAL MIrrOrED WALNuT AND GLASS hALL STAND, CIrCA 1930, the center mirror section flanked by pedestal sides fitted with faceted and scored glazed panels opening to a interior, above a rectan

29 EMPIrE STyLE EGyPTIAN rEVIVAL MArBLE AND BrONZE ThrEEPIECE CLOCK GArNITurE, CIrCA 1900, the red marble and black slate pylon shaped central clock surmounted by a recumbent lionheaded sphinx, the fl

34 FINE LOuIS XVI STyLE ELABOrATELy CArVED GILT WOOD TOrChErE, CIrCA 1900, attributed Francoise Linke, number 1546, the circular dished top above a garland hung tripart standard centering an urn, on s

37 LOuIS XVI STyLE GILT BrONZE MOuNTED AMBOyNA WOOD AND MAhOGANy GrAND PIANO Serial no. 90188, the soundboard stampedinscribed in ink, Par Brevet de Invention Seb. Pre. Erard 13 21, rue du Mail, Pari

40 LOuIS XVI STyLE MAhOGANy CyLINDEr BurEAu, 19th century, the rectangular marble top and pierced three quarter brass gallery above three short drawers over the cylinder front, opening to a fitted int

43 LOuISPhILIPPE POLIShED STEEL AND GILT BrONZE MANTLE CLOCK, CIrCA 1860, surmounted by a figure of the winged cupid sleeping upon draperies, after the Antique, above a bronze dial set with enamelled

46 PAIr OF NAPOLEAN III PATINATED BrONZE AND POLIShED BLACK MArBLE DOuBLEhANDLED LIDDED urNS ON STANDS, late 19th century, each of flattened spherical form, with scrolled handles centering a cartouche

49 LATE rEGENCy GILT BrONZE MOuNTED GrANITE TOP MAhOGANy CENTEr TABLE, second half 19th century, the rectangular top with a bronze eaftip border, raised on lionheaded monopodia supports, joined by a s

52 hENry DASSON PAIr OF FINE LOuIS XVI GILTBrONZE MOuNTED MAhOGANy VITrINE CABINETS, both signed henry Dasson et Cie, and dated 1889, Paris, in two parts, with glazed doors, beaded borders, the chutes

56 FINE PAIr LOuIS XIV STyLE GILT BrONZE PEDESTAL COLuMNS, late 19th century, with shaped overhanging marble tops above a satyre mask, the tapering standards of bundled reeds also cast with foliage, s

59 59 CLIFFOrD SILSBy, American Golden Days in the Valley DAuge, 19401950 signed lower left, signed, titled on the canvas reverse oil on canvas 23 by 29 in., overall 35 by 39 in. See note to previou

67 FINE AND uNuSuAL FOurTEENSIDED GILT BrONZE AND MOLDED PANELLED GLASS FOurLIGhT LANTErN, IN PArT CIrCA 1900, the pendant shaped body of glass panels with bronze divisions, surmounted by bronze leave

70 70 uNuSuAL CONTINENTAL, CuTGLASS AND BrONZE SIXLIGhT ChANDELIEr, the shaft supporting inward scrolled arms fitted with bronze leaves, supporting dished drip pans and cylindrical nozzles, the whole

74A 75 75A 76 74A 75 CONTINENTAL rOCOCO STyLE MOLDED AND CuTGLASS PAINTED POrCELAIN GILT TWELVE LIGhT ChANDELIEr, BrONZE SIXLIGhT ChANDELIEr, probably English, composed of modern, the foliate pai

79 80 81 82 79 SyLVAIN KINSBurGEr 18551935 Classical Maiden, probably Ariadnae, circa 1900 patinated bronze the base signed, S. Kinsburger, with impressed foundry seal. height 25 in. 2,0004,000 8

85 MArIuSJEANANTONIN MErCI..., FrENCh, 184581916 GLOrIA VICTIS signed A. Mercie, incribed F. Barbedienne Fondeur Paris with the Achille Collas pastille parcel gilt and patinated bronze. height 42 12 i

86 86 ITALIAN VErDE ANTICO FLuTED MArBLE COLuMNAr PEDESTAL, CIrCA 1900, the circular molded top above a fluted column on a circular spreading foot with an octagonal base. height 34 in., Diameter 15 1

88 88 PAIr OF uNuSuAL JAPANESE POLyChrOMED LACQuEr POrCELAIN VASES, 20th century, each of ovoid form with a fluted rim painted in black, red and gilt enamels, with two large and small reserves, one d

90 91 90 A MEDIEVAL STyLE hAMMErED ShEET METAL AND PAINTED WOOD DEMILuNE CABINET, fitted with two doors opening to a shelved interior, on scrolled iron feet. height 4 ft., Width 30 12 in., Depth 21

93 94 95 96 93 TWO ITALIAN VErDE ANTICO MArBLE PEDESTALS, CIrCA 1900, each with a spiral carved column, with a circular base and octagonal plinth. heights 36 in., 42 12 in. 1,5002,000 94 JASPEr A

99A 100 101 102 99A ChINESE ArChAIC STyLE PATINATED BrONZE JArDINIErE, early 20th century, of shaped rectangular form, cast with terraced gardens. height 11 in., Width 36 in., Depth 17 in. 400800

107 ATELIEr JEAN PErZEL ChrOME WhITE ShEET GLASS ThrEETIErED PENDANT CEILING FIXTurE, a Contemporary Art Deo inspired circular inverted and graduated threetiered fixture, suspended from four chromed

112 NIChOLAS BErTAIN French, 16681736, attributed to Apollo and the Muses 25 by 33 in. overall in a 19th century giltwood frame 4,0008,000 112A PABLO MuNOZ, Peru, b. 1953 untitled Landscape signed P.

112 112A 113 114 115 116 117 118 118A 119 119A 120 Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4 2014 35

120A SET OF FOur FrENCh EQuESTrIAN ENGrAVINGS, early 18th century, depicting famous persons and prize stallions in a procession or being shown at a festival, the upper borders with a different royal F

120A 123 127 121 124 128 121A 125 129 122 126 130 Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4 2014 37

131 French School, 20th century 8232 Set of Five Village Street Scenes8232 water color and ink on paper8232 signed L. Du Cui, l.l and l.r 8 by 10 in. 400600 131A SET OF SIX EurOPEAN hAND COLOrED BOTA

131 131A 132 133 134 135 136 136A 137 137A Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4 2014 39

138 139 141 138 ENGLISh ChINOISErIE DECOrATED BLACK JAPANNED COrNEr CABINET ON LATEr STAND. The upper portion with a fret panel and painted with figures and foliage, the base similarly painted with

145A 142A 144 142A TWO BErLIN PAINTED POrCELAIN CABINET PLATES, both 18901910, with beehive in underglaze blue, the first depicting female allegories for Music and LearningWriting, within an elegan

147 148 149 147 LOuIS XV STyLE BrONZE MOuNTED VErNIS MArTIN VITrINE, CIrCA 1900, with serpentine crest over a partially glazed door, the lower part with painted pastoral panel, the sides also glaze

151 153 154A 151 LOuIS XVXVI STyLE MArBLETOP GILTBrONZE MOuNTED SATINWOOD AND MAhOGANy COMMODE, CIrCA 1900, the breakfronted rectangular white and liver mottled marble top above a conforming case w

155A 156A 157A 155A A TrADITIONAL WOOD rECTANGuLAr LOW TABLE, fitted with a drawer and with a platform stretcher. Together with another low table, rectangular with chrome legs. 2 pieces heights 19

160 161 160 SEVENTyTWO PIECE SAINT LOuIS PArCEL GILT COLOrLESSGLASS PArT STEMWArE SErVICE, France, early to mid 20th century, one decanter with Saint Louis seal on the underside, comprising sixteen


165 169 172A 170 166 173 167 171 174 175 168 172 Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4 2014 47

176 ThrEE MOLDED AND COLOrLESS GLASS PErFuME BOTTLES, circa 1940, the first Le Narcissis Noir, for CArON, Paris, of compressed spherical form, the underside with hand incised numerals the second for r

176 180 183 177 181 184 178 181A 185 186 179 182 Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4 2014 49

187 187 EIGhT ENGrAVINGS OF ArChITECTurAL ELEVATIONS, GEOrGE rIChArDSON,NEW VITruVIuS BrITANNICuS, Consisting of Plans and Elevations of Modern Buildings, Public and Private, Erected in Great Britain

191 Jaillot, Alexishubert La Basse Partie Du Cercle Du hautrhein 1691, A later handcolored engraving a Map of the upper rhine, with decorative title and scale cartouches, incorporating both figures in

196 FLOrENCE BOGAr, A SET OF ThrEE PENCIL ON PAPEr DrAWINGS OF WILD TurKEyS, CIrCA 19601970, Series 1, Drawings no. 4, 5 and 6, each signed lower right, titled lower left representing a hen with chick

196 198A 202 197 199 203 197A 200 204 205 198 201 Palm Beach Decorative Art Antiques Thursday September 4 2014 53

A.B. Levys These Conditions of Sale constitute A.B. Levys herein referred to as A.B.Ls and the Consignors Sellers entire agreement with purchasers with respect to all property offered for sale by A.B.


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