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A.B. Levys Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art Palm Beach SUNDAY JULY 6, 2014 400 pm Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art 1

AUCTION ENQUIRIES AND INFORMATION Auction Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Ar t Sunday, July, 6 400 PM Lots 251517 Preview June23 thru July 5, 10AM6PM A.B. Levys Flamingo Building 1921 South Dixie

Chinese Porcelain Pottery Lots 251299 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art 3

250 4 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art

PROPERTY OF A PRIVATE FLORIDA COLLECTOR 250 CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE DECORATED MOCHA GROUND PORCELAIN BALUSTER VASE 19th century, six character mark in underglaze blue, the baluster vessel with a cylindri

251 PROPERTY OF A PALM BEACH LADY 251 FINE AND LARGE CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PARCEL GILT PORCELAIN PUNCH BOWL 19th century, the exterior and interior conformingly decorated with white ground re

252 252 CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN OCTAGONAL COVERED BOX the slightly domed conformingly shaped lid decorated with a multitude of officials in a courtyard, the sides with flora and fauna

253 253 THREE CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN SERVING BOWLS 19th century, comprised of two kidney shaped decorated in a mandarin palette, and a parcel gilt rose medallion circular plate, with

254 254 CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN PUNCH BOWL late 19th century, with upper border of foliage and butterflies, the bowl bottom painted wlth an unusual allover scene of entertainment in a

255 255 LARGE CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN WELLANDTREE PLATTER 19th century, reserved with figures before pavilions at leisurely pursuits alternating with vignettes of flora and fauna, on a gilt and rose

258 258 FOUR CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN TABLE ITEMS Mostly late 19th centuryEarly 20th century. Comprising a scalloped circular plate, another plate, a reticulated circular bowl on stand

259 259 SEVEN CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN TABLE ITEMS Late 19thEarly 20th century. Comprising two small circular bowls decorated with floral sprays and butterflies,four octagoal plates,an

260 260 CHINESE BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN JARDINIERE decorated with distant mountains and exotic landscapes within an upper and lower border of lappets and a running Greek key. Height 14 in., Diameter

262 262 PAIR OF CHINESE BLUE WHITE PORCELAIN VASES each with a raised rim, cylindrical neck and baluster body, with stylized dragon handles at each side, painted with stylized foliage and script. He

263 263 TWO CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN PARROTS early 20th century, each with allover red glaze, the birds atop a stylized pierced rock. Height 8 12 in. 400800 264 CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELA

265 265 CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN WELLANDTREE PLATTER AND AN OVAL PLATE Late 19th century, each with vignettes of flora and fauna. Three small rim chips to first. Length of first 16 in., second 14 i

267 267 SIXTEEN CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN TABLE ITEMS, mostly early 20th century, comprising a covered serving bowl, an oval footed serving dish, five circular dishes, eight smaller cir

268 268 PAIR OF CHINESE BLUE WHITE PORCELAIN JARS AND TWO SMALL PLATES Jars lacking lids. Height 8 12 in. Diameter of plates 5 34 in. 300500 18 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art

269 TWENTYONE CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN TABLE ITEMS, late 19th20th century, comprising six circular dinner plates, seven luncheon plates, six bread plates and two soup bowls. Diameter of

270 FINE CHINESE PARCEL GILT ROSE MEDALLION CIRCULAR PLATE 19th century, decorated with vignettes of figures alternating with panels of foliage, interspersed with shaped panels with strapwork borders

271 271 GROUP OF CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN TABLE ITEMS Late 19th20th Century, comprising five cups and five saucers, five circular plates, covered vegetable dish three oval plates, a li

273 PROPERTY OF ANOTHER PALM BEACH COLLECTOR 273 CHINESE ENAMEL DECORATED HEXAGONAL PLATE depicting two peacocks and blossoming flowers. Diameter 9 in. approx. 300500 274 274 CHINESE SANGDEBOEUF PO

PROPERTY OF A GENTLEMAN 275 CHINESE BLANCDECHINE PORCELAIN BOWL 19th century, tapering circular body with molded rim and an applied prunis branch. With firing cracks. Height 8 in., Diameter 13 in. 30

277 24 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art

PROPERTY OF A GENTLEMAN 277 ASSEMBLED PAIR OF CHINESE ENAMEL DECORATED PORCELAIN VASES, 18th19th century, each underside with a double ring in underglaze blue, of baluster shape with scenes of figures

278 LOUIS XVI STYLE GILT BRONZE MOUNTED AND ROSE MEDALLION PORCELAIN PUNCH BOWL late 19th century, decorated with vignettes of figures in outdoor pavilions alternating with floral bouquets, the ground

281 CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN BOWL 19th century, with an inside and outer gilt trellis border, with two circular reserves, painted in a famille rose palette to depict two hunters before a pavilion in a

283 284 28 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art

PROPERTY OF A GENTLEMAN 283 CHINESE EXPORT ORANGE FITZHUGH PORCELAIN BASIN 19th Century. The bowl with a deep recess decorated with elegantly dressed courtly figures in outdoor setting engaged in vari

286 286 PAIR OF CHINESE ENAMEL DECORATED PORCELAIN FIGURAL CENSORS 19th century, in a Kangxi style, each square vessel decorated on two sides with the projecting head of a mythical beast, alternating

288 NINE CHINESE CERAMIC TURQUOISE GLAZED FU DOGS, A BRUSH POT AND A FIGURAL GROUP comprising three pairs of dogs, varying size, a larger single fu dog, a group of two male attendants or priests, and

291 PROPERTY OF A GENTLEMAN 291 PAIR OF LARGE BLUE AND WHITE DRAGON DECORATED PORCELAIN COVERED JARS late 19th century, each of baluster shape with domed covers, decorated with dragons fading amidst

293 PROPERTY OF VARIOUS OWNERS 293 CHINESE POLYCHROMED ROSE ENAMEL DECORATED PORCELAIN CUP 19th century, with six character mark in red, with floating dragons, the interior recess with an iron red dr

295 296 295 PAIR OF SMALL CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE PORCELAIN ROUEAU VASES Qing Dynasty,underside with a double circle in underglaze blue, each with reserves of flowerfilled baskets, on a stippled green

298 298 FINE CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE YELLOW GROUND PORCELAIN VASE, QING DYNASTY, GUANGXU the underside with character mark in red, an elegant baluster shaped vase with flared rim and circular foot, dec

299 299 CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE YELLOWGROUND PORCELAIN KORO Late 19thearly 20th century, of globular form decorated in colorful enamels with interlaced flower sprays, framed by scrolling foliage and oth

PROPERTY OF A PALM BEACH LADY 300 FINE CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE DECORATED PORCELAIN VASE 19th century, the underside with six character mark in red of flattened baluster form with a center bulge and an un

Chinese Ivory Lots 301397 38 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art

Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Ar t Palm Beach Sunday 6 July 2014 PAlm BeAch Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art 39

301 302 PROPERTY OF A GENTLEMAN 301 CHINESE CARVED IVORY GROUP Signed. Heron clenching berries with his beak, with a man above and beneath him. Height 7 in., Width 3 in. 7001,000 302 CHINESE CARV

303 303 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE of a Goddess standing upon a lotus bed, holding an attribute in each hand. Mounted in a carved wood stand. Overall height 7 in. 400700 304 CHINESE ART DECO CARVE

305 306 305 CHINESE CARVED IVORY MYTHALOGICAL GROUP modeled as two staggered figures riding animals, mounted on a carved wood stand. Height 8 . 400700 306 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF A PALACE GU

307 308 307 CHINESE CARVED RETICULATED IVORY VASE composed of six panels carved with figures in a garden setting, flanked by pierce carved scroll handles, and raised by a circular pierce carved foot

309 310 309 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF A BEAUTY holding a lotus, standing elegantly coiffed and dressed in layered garments. Height 7 34 in. 8001,200 310 CHINESE CARVED IVORY LIBATION VESSEL Si

311 311 THREE CHINESE CARVED IVORY VESSELS Each of cylindrical form, piercecarved with continuous scenes within framed borders, consisting of foliage, figures within a mountain village, and dragons.

313 313 CHINESE CARVED IVORY MYSTERY GROUP OF A MYTHALOGICAL SCENE surmounted by a goddess, with an attendant beneath her making an offering. Height 13 in., Width 9.5 in. Together with a carved wood

315 316 315 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Of a standing beauty, wearing long robes, holding a part of the fungus of immortality, mounted on a carved wood and ivory base. Height 12 in. 600900 316 CHI

317 318 48 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art

319 317 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FISHERMAN carrying a pole and a basket on his right side and carrying a fish in his left hand, with a boy at his feet holding the fish. Mounted on a carved wood stand. Ov

320 320 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FUDOG WITH PUPPY Length 4 in. 7001,000 321 321 CHINESE CARVED IVORY CLAM GROUP Of a partly opened clamshell mounted with frogs and crabs, revealing a reclining nude, en

323 323 PAIR OF CHINESE CARVED IVORY EMPEROR AND EMPRESS Each signed. seated upon elaborately carved dragon thrones. Together with carved wood stands. Overall Height 6 in. 8001,200 324 CHINESE CARVE

325 325 CHINESE CARVED IVORY CENSOR AND COVER Signed. carved with dragons within cartouches, flanked by dragon handles, suspending loose rings, raised by three mythological beast feet, the cover of s

327 328 327 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF GUANYIN seated upon a lotus, holding a flower branch in her right hand, and a jar in her left. Mounted on a carved wood base. Height 7 in. 500800 328 CHI

329 329 CHINESE CARVED AND RETICULATED IVORY FAN Height 9 in., Width 16 in. 500800 330 CHINESE CARVED IVORY MYSTERY BALL AND STAND Of dragon motif, internally carved with layers of rotating balls, a

331 331 CHINESE CARVED IVORY BRUSH POT Signed. Decorated continuously with figures in a landscape. Height 4 in. 200400 332 CHINESE CARVED WOOD AND IVORY CARD CASE Decorated with scrolled patterns,

333 333 CHINESE CARVED IVORY PLAQUE Piercecarved depicting an interior scene of a man and two boys, inset on a carved wood frame. Overall Height 5 in. 300500 334 334 CHINESE CARVED IVORY RING Diam

337 CHINESE CARVED IVORY WRIST REST Signed. of crescent form, depicting various groups of figures within a landscape engaging in different activities. Length 12 in. 400700 337 338 CHINESE CARVED PUZ

341 341 JAPANESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Of a bearded wiseman carrying an offering. Height 6 in. 200400 342 342 JAPANESE CARVED IVORY GROUP Signed. Of two scholars with a scroll beside a writing table.

345 345 PAIR OF CHINESE CARVED IVORY BIRD AND FLOWER GROUPS, each bird with fanciful and well carved plumage perched atop ablossoming flowers, on carbved wood stands. Height 11 12 in. 700900 346 CHI

347 347 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Depicting the God of Longevity holding a shaft in his right hand, and peaches in his left. Mounted on a carved wood base. Overall Height 11 in. 7001,000 350 FINE

349 350 351 352 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art 61

353 354 355 356 353 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF A SCHOLAR The elderly holding a fan in his right hand. Mounted on a carved wood stand. Overall Height 8 34 in. 8001,200 354 CHINESE CARVED IVORY

357 358 359 357 PAIR OF CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURES Each standing wearing suit and armor, holding a spear with one hand, and resting their other hand over a sword. Mounted on a carved wood base. H

360 360 PAIR OF CHINESE CARVED IVORY EMPEROR AND EMPRESS each wearing traditional attire seated at their thrones, holding an attribute in one hand. Height 5 in. 8001,200 64 Palm Beach Fine Chinese

361 362 363 364 361 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Of a beauty standing erect, wearing traditional attire, holding flowers in her left hand and another attribute in her right. Mounted on a carved woo

365 366 365 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Signed. Of a man standing erect, wearing traditional attire with a sword to his backside, raised on a shaped raised base. Height 7 34 in. 8001,200 366 CHINES

369 SOUTHEAST ASIAN CARVED IVORY GROUP Of a goddess, elegantly dressed with flowing robes and elaborate headdress, holding a scepter in one hand, a top two attendants with offerings. Height 9 34 in. 8

373 374 373 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Of an Emperor, standing erect wearing traditional attire. Height 5 in. 7001,000 374 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Of the God of Longevity with a staff in his r

375 376 375 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Of Goddess Civa seated on a lotus bed. Mounted on a carved wood base. Height 5 14 in. 500800 376 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Of a dragon charmer, on a rockwo

377 377 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF A PALACE GUARD with his sword at his waist side. Height 10 34 in. 7001,000 378 A CHINESE CARVED IVORY PROVINCIAL GOVENOR AND HIS WIFE Of an Emperor and Empress

379 CHINESE CARVED IVORY SCHOLAR Of an old wise man, seated and holding a ceremonial fan. Height 5 14 in. 300500 379 380 380 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF HOTAI standing with arms raised aloft. He

383 383 CHINESE CARVED IVORY SEAL Of oval form, surmounted by a kirin. Height 3 34 in. 300500 384 384 CHINESE CARVED IVORY SEAL Of rounded rectangular form, surmounted by a mythological beast. Heig

387 387 GROUP OF SEVEN CHINESE CARVED AND POLYCHROMED IVORY FIGURES Representing the Gods of Happiness, each carved individually with their traditional attribute, and netsuke holes. Heights 2 in. res

389 389 CHINESE CARVED AND POLYCHROMED IVORY TEA POT Of globular form, decorated with bats and script, the conforming cover surmounted by a seated figure holding a scepter. Height 3 12 in. 200400 39

391 392 393 391 NEAR EASTERN CARVED WOOD CARD CASE, PROBABLY PERSIAN Of rectangular form, centered by a low relief carving of an animal, and framed by mother of pearl borders. Height 4 in., Width 3

396 CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE Signed. Of a Deity elegantly standing erect, dressed in flowing robes with an elaborate headdress, holding a basket of lotus flowers in one hand, and a a blossom in he

397 397 IMPRESSIVE CHINESE IVORY COVERED DEDICATION VASE, CHING DYNASTY, 19th century, with a four character mark on the underside, the cylindrical vessel with a large cover, the final with general o

Chinese Works of Art Lots 398517 78 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art

Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Ar t Palm Beach Sunday 6 July 2014 PAlm BeAch Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art 79

398 PROPERTY OF VARIOUS OWNERS 398 NEOLITHIC PAINTED EARTHENWARE SEED JAR, CIRCA 2000 B.C. of tapering ovoid form, decorated in tones of brown with a pattern of diamond. Shaped crosshatched panels, o

399 399 FINE PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISIONIE ENAMEL OCTAGONAL VASES Each of baluster form, with exotic beasts and foliage motifs in red, yellow, and green on a blue ground with engaged animal form handles

401 401 PAIR OF CHINESE BLUE AND WHITE CLOISONNE ENAMEL DECORATED ROULOU VASES Decorated allover with scrolling foliage in shades of blue on a white ground. Height 20 12 inches. 1,0003,000 402 402

404 404 PAIR OF CHINESE POLYCHROMED ENAMEL PORCELAIN JARDINIERES each decorated with landscapes and figures in and before pavilions, the interior with coy and seaweed. Height 19 in., Diameter 22 in.

406 406 CHINESE BLANCDECHINE PORCELAIN FIGURE OF AN OFFICIAL AND A MAIDEN each standing figure clad in traditional robes. Heights 11 in. and 10 in. 200500 407 CHINESE BLANCDE CHINE FIGURE A FEMALE

409 CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE PORCELAIN TABLE SCREEN decorated with a landscape, set into a carved hardwood frame. Height overall 19 in., Width 10 in. 8001,200 409 410 CHINESE SANGDEBOEUF PORCELAIN FUD

412 412 CHINESE JADE MOUNTED SILVERED COPPER HAND MIRROR circa 1900. cast allover with bats amidst clouds, and mounted with a jadeite fish centered by a quartered jadeite bangle, impressed China. Len

414 414 PAIR OF CHINESE GILT AND COBALT BLUE PORCELAIN COVERED JARS With domed covers, decorated with flowering scrolls. Height 11 14 in. Diameter 9 in. at shoulder. 1,0003,000 414A 414A CHINESE GIL

415 415 CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE PORCELAIN PETAL FORM WINE CUP 19th century. Decorated with monkeys frolicing with a zebra in a evergreen forest. Heights 2 12 in. Diameter 4 in. 600800 416 416 THREE C

418 419 420 418 FINE PAIR OF CHINESE TRANSLUCENT SPINACH JADE BOWLS Each thinly worked delicately tapering the circular bowl with a slight outturned rim and a raised circular foot the jade matrix w

421 421 422 LARGE CELADON JADE COVERED URN The triparte body in archaic style with two loosering and pierced handles, the cover with a lion finial, on short curved legs with masks at the knees. Heig

423 CHINESE JADE GROUP OF A FEMALE DEITY ASCENDING THE HEAVENS The white jade deity with two young attendants amidst the clouds, before a spinach jade forested mountain with a leaping deer. Height 6

425 425 PAIR OF CHINESE JADEITE HORSES Each unharnessed standing square. Horse of pale to bright green with areas of russet to tails, and on some hooves. Height 7 in., Length 5 34 in. 2,0003,000 426

427 427 PALE TO TRANSLUCENT GREEN JADE GROUP OF TWO PLAYFUL DOGS 19th century. With sporadic areas of russet. Width 1 14 in. 600900 428 428 CHINESE MOTTLED BROWN JADE CARP Ming Dynasty, 13681644 of

429 429 PALE GREEN AND RUSSET JADE RECUMBENT DOG, 18TH CENTURY Length 3 14 in. 7001,000 430 430 CHINESE CELADON JADE LEAF FORM COUP With upturned edges, with both white and black inclusions and a b

431 431 SMALL CHINESE JADE CEREMONIAL VESSEL Very pale green to white in color, with an exaggerated scrolled sport and animal head handle. Height 5 in. 300500 431A CHINESE JADE BELT BUCKLE AND A JAD

433 433 FOUR CHINESE CARVED CELADON AND PALE GREEN JADE DRAGON CARVINGS 19th20th century, comprimising three with reticulated swirled dragons and a reticulated dragon mask. Length 2 12 in. to 4 in. a

434A THREE PALE GREEN JADE ANIMAL CARVINGS with brown hues and inclusions. Lengths 1 12 in. to 2 in. approx. 600900 434A 435 435 FINE NEPHERITE MOTTLED GREEN AND RUSSET CIRCULAR CUP 19th century. T

437 437 CHINESE SPINACH JADE DISC of irregular circular shape with a partial serrated upper edge, set in a wooden stand. Height overall in., Diameter of disc 10 14 in. 300500 438 PAIR OF SPINACH JAD

439 FINE CHINESE JADITE PANEL SET IN A HARDWOOD TABLE SCREEN The pale to bright green panel carved on both sides with dragons, bats, fish, and heavenly symbols, set into a pierced hongmu stand. Height

441 441A 442 441 FINE CHINESE LAVENDER AND PALE GREEN JADEITE FIGURAL GROUP Depicting Shou Loa and a female deity, with a young boy at one side. Height 8 in., Width 7 in. 3,0005,000 441A CHINESE C

443 443 FINE WHITE JADE HANGING LANTERN The pierced body with a pagoda crest hung with tassels, suspended by a jade linked chain, on a carved dragon head wooden stand. Overall height 17 in. 2,0004,00

444 444 CHINESE CARVED CARNELIAN FRUITING FLORAL COUP Of translucent to amber with areas of deep orange. Height 3 in., Width 3 in. 400800 445 445 FINE CHINESE CARVED CARNELIAN GROUP OF TWO BOYS In

447 447 CHINESE CARVED SODALITE MOUNTAIN The blue stone carved with a mountain and knurled evergreens towering above a pavilion on a silver inlaid hard wood conforming base. Overall height 5 in., Len

449 449 TWO CROCIDOLITE FIGURES OF FEMALE DEITIES each bearing attributes, standing amidst stylized waves. Heights 12 in. and 9 in. 200500 450 450 CHINESE SODALITE COVERED DOUBLE VASE Joined at the

451 451 CHINESE CARVED LAPIS VASE AND COVER with elephant head and ring handles and carved with a dragon, of baluster shape with a flared foot. Height 1,0003,000 452 452 CHINESE CARVED SODALITE COV

453 453 PAIR OF CHINESE HONGMU PEDESTAL CABINETS Each of rectangular form fitted with an upper drawer and a pair of cupboard doors. Height 4 ft. by 2 in., Width 21 in., Depth 19 in. 2,0004,000 454

455 CHINESE HONGMU ALTER TABLE The rectangular panel inset top over a pierced frieze with carved fruit and scrolls centering stylized characters, on trestle supports. Height 42 in., Width 8 ft., Depth

457A 457A PAIR OF CHINESE EXPORT CARVED HONGMU ARMCHAIRS The backs and sides carved with dragons on scrolled feet. 1,0001,500 One of a pair 458 458 CHINESE INLAID AND CARVED HARDWOOD DISPLAY SIDE

459 459 CHINESE CARVED BAMBOO BRUSH POT 19th century, carved all around with figures in outdoor landscapes, with a projecting panel carved with an inscription and signed. Replaced bottom. Height 6 i

461 461A 461 TANG STYLE GREEN SCHIST FIGURE OF QUANYIN Clad in traditional robes draped with foliage and beads, holding a scepter and blossom, atop a shaped platform. Height 21 in. 1,0001,500 461A T

464 PROPERTY FROM A PRIVATE COLLECTION, BOCA RATON 464 PAIR OF SMALL CHINESE RED AND WHITE OVERLAID PEKING GLASS VASES of tapered baluster form, the rim and body overlaid with translucent red on an o

466 FINE AND RARE CHINESE TRANSLUCENT YELLOW 9SIDED PEKING GLASS VASE Qing dynasty, of tapering baluster form with nine tapered facets extending down from a doublewalled rim, the vessel with inclusion

468 CHINESE BLUE OVER WHITE PEKING GLASS TEA CADDY,Of tapering ovoid form, with domed cover, overlaid and cut to depict hummingbirds frolicking above blossoming bushes. Height 6 in. 3,0005,000 468 Pa

469 469 TWO PAIRS OF CHINESE PEKING GLASS WINE CUPS, comprising a pair of translucent ruby red and a pair of translucent cobalt blue, each circular cup with a tapered body, outturned rim and flattene


473 474 473 PAIR CHINESE POLYCHROMED SANG DE BOEUF PORECLAIN VASES, each covered vessel decorated with flowers, Height 11 in. 600900 474 PAIR OF MING STYLE SANCI GLAZED PORCELAIN FUDOGS 19th century

477 478 477 CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE DECORATED PORCELAIN VASE of baluster form, painted with a an official in a terraced cortyard. Height 12 in. approx. 300600 478 CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE DECORATED PORCELA

480 480 CHINESE PAINTED POTTERY HORSE, TANG DYNASTY 618907 A.D. standing four square, saddled and with turned slightly left. Restored. Height 12 in., Length 13 12 in. 2,0004,000 480A 480A CHINESE P

481 481 CHINESE PAINTED POTTERY HORSE AND FEMALE RIDER Tang Dynasty 618907, four square , the rider and horse looking left. Restored, lacking part of tail. Height 13 in., Length 11 in. 2,0004,000 4

482 482 PAIR OF CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN JARDINIERES of tapering cylindrical form, with a wide outturned rim, decorated with blossoming peony sprays within an upper ruyi and lower Greek key bor

484 485 484 TWO CHINESE JADE AND VARIOUS STONE MINERAL TREES now mounted as lamps, each in a shaped cloisonn pot. Heights 16 in. and 18 in., overall height 30 in. 1,2001,800 485 FINE LARGE CHINESE

486 486 TWO CHINESE HARDSTONE CIRCULAR PLAQUES SOAPSTONE FIGURE OF HOTAI The plaques depicting flowerfilled vases, in wood frames the seated Hoti in traditional scantily clad robes, on a wood stand.

487A 487A THAI PATINATED AND GILT METAL KNEELING DEITY with elaborate headdress and ceremonial attire, on a wood base. Height 31 in., Width 15 in. 500800 488 CHINESE CARVED HARDWOOD HANGING SHELF ci

489 CHINESE FLORAL PAINTED PORCELAIN LIDDED SNUFF BOTTLE brightly painted and of baluster form. Height 2 12 in. 200400 490 496 CHINESE BLUE WHITE PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE, of cylindrical form, with co

504 501 494 495 508 507 502 500 510 509 490 505 492 499 491 496 506 493 503 489 497 498 Palm Beach Fine Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art 125

511 513 511 CHINESE PAINTED SCROLL PANEL, late 19thearly 20th century, inscribed with verse and depicting two heavenly maidens. framed. 200300 513 CHINESE SCROLL PAINTING OF BLOSSOMING PEONIES IN A

514 CHINESE LARGE FAMILY ANCESTOR PORTRAIT ON PAPER, Ching Dynasty, 18th19th century, formerly from a suite , including lots 515 and 516 the elderly members seated before a dedication table, with insc

516 CHINESE LARGE FAMILY ANCESTOR PORTRAIT ON PAPER, CHING DYNASTY,18TH19TH century, formerly part of a suite, also including the previously lot and lot 514the elderly members seated before a dedicati

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